Here are the latest key events coming up in our diocese, as well as other events of interest to the diocesan family.  If you need the diocesan calendar with meeting dates, liturgical dates and dates for courses such as Anglican Studies, please click here.

Key events:

For posters and fliers that contain all the major event dates for 2018, click here.

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Diocesan Thanksgiving and Ordination

    Wellington Cathedral of St Paul

    We are looking forward to our inspiring family festival celebration on Saturday the 17th of November, 2018 at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul as we celebrate our Diocesan Thanksgiving, as well as our Ordination service.  This day is our opportunity for everyone to come together as diocesan family to celebrate the ordination of those responding to God’s call to be the gatherers of the faith community; and to celebrate how God has been answering our prayers with and through us over the last five years, transforming us and our local communities as we partner with Him.  Visit for more.