Key events:

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Event Information:

  • Creation of pioneer development unit

    Bishop Justin announces the creation of the Pioneer Development Unit (DPU) and the appointment of Rev Mark Johnson as its leader.   Mark is Supervising Chaplain at Victoria University and Priest in Charge of the Parish of Wellington South.

    The PDU is intended to support Pioneer Mission in the Diocese through the appropriate support and mentoring of those engaging in such ministries.  Pioneer Mission finds expression in different ways throughout the Diocese already and we expect that as the Spirit moves to bring renewal we will see an increase in this.  Intentional community in areas of social deprivation, replanting congregations, church communities based on networks rather than place and the like are all endeavours that require a special skill set.  We hope that bringing pioneers together with one another and with the best mentoring we can provide will create a space where great things can happen.

    A key priority of the work of the PDU is to ensure that pioneering groups remain connected to the Anglican Church, at both local and diocesan levels, and therefore part of the family.  Please uphold the work of all those to who seek to follow the leading of the Spirit into new territory in prayer.