A four-month challenge to tackle waste together

As Christians we strive to live in a good relationship with the environment.  But every year, 3,200kg of waste goes into our landfills – for every New Zealander! *

Reducing our rubbish may seem hard – but we’ve gathered the best experts we can find to help us do more than just reduce – we want to revolutionise the way we see rubbish.  In fact, the very idea of creating waste is an idea that we want to send to the tip once and for all.  Last year, Synod agreed to reduce our waste as the next step for our movement to uphold our relationship with God’s creation, in order to honour what He made, and to love our neighbours.

The revolution has begun: between May and August 2019, Anglican Movement is running a low-waste challenge for people of all ages from your mission unit, family, school or community.  Here’s how it works:

  • Become a champion in your local community: form a team, undergo training together, and make an achievable plan to reduce your waste.
  • Your team should contain at least one adult (and as many other adults or children as you want).
  • Register your team on this sign up page.
  • The initial training has already occurred, but you can still attend the workshop at Team Training Day on Saturday 11th of May.
  • Between May and August, put your team’s plan into action with help from coaches and optional fun events, including a landfill tour, music and workshops! We’ll have input from Para Kore, Kaicycle, Wellington Waste Managers and The Freestore.

So what’s the challenge?  We’re not talking competition, here.  You and your team can make a plan that suits your capacity.  And together, we can challenge each other to do our best.

Don’t miss out. Share the word amongst your church community, families, schoolmates or workmates.  Here are some resources to help you spread the word:

Email advocate@wn.ang.org.nz if you have questions.

Join the Bishops and Anglican Advocacy in this challenge to re-imagine our rubbish habits for the sake of a waste-free kingdom!

Thanks to Wellington City Council Waste Minimisation Seed Fund for their support.