Across our diocese, we are joining the global wave of prayer for people to know Jesus Christ.

Thy Kingdom Come is happening from Ascension Day (10th of May) until Pentecost (20th of May).  We encourage you to check out the global website which is full of ideas and resources, to help individuals, families and churches to pray for those around them to come to know the Lord.

Need some ideas?

There are heaps of ideas and resources on the Thy Kingdom Come website, but here’s a few that we’ve rustled up from within the diocesan family.

  1. Get a length of leather, wool, or other material, and tie five knots in it – one for each person you’re praying for to come to know Jesus.  Tie it around your wrist as a reminder to pray for them daily.
  2. Check out these ideas from the Children and Families team – great for children’s ministry at church, or at home with your family.
  3. Book a slot in the 24/7 Prayer calendar at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.  Daytime prayer will be in the Lady Chapel, at night it’s in the Prayer Ambulance.
  4. Invite others to your parish prayer events – enter your event on the Thy Kingdom Come map and light up the lower North Island in prayer.
  5. Check out these prayer station ideas being used by our St Hilda’s Upper Hutt family
  6. Try Centring Prayer (or Listening Prayer).  Here’s an article from Rev Michael Brantley at the Cathedral.
  7. Try prayer walking around your neighbourhood.
  8. Do you do life digitally?  Use a to do app like Trello or Todoist and create a list of the people you’re praying for, and as you pray, move their cards down the list, then repeat daily.
  9. Attend the Vocational Deacons’ Ordination on Ascension Sunday – we’re celebrating their call to be sent, and we’re joining with them in praying Thy Kingdom Come over our communities.
  10. Learn the Lord’s Prayer in New Zealand Sign Language.  NZSL Week 2018 is occurring just before and during Thy Kingdom Come.

Thy Kingdom Come website