Facilitator: Valda McBeth, Executive Officer, Education For Ministry New Zealand
For: everyone, especially ministry leaders

We’re all familiar with the words which are frequently used at the conclusion of communal worship:  “Go now to love and serve the Lord” and we all know that Jesus tells us that we should wash one another’s feet (John 13:4).  But how do we interpret the richness of those commands? What we are called to do in our daily lives, and in our whānau together, how can we serve the Lord and wash one another’s feet? Do we have the confidence to be Christ’s ministers?

Exploring faith matters, learning to think theologically and discovering our Christian vocation is at the heart of EFM – Education for Ministry. By examining our own beliefs and practices, and their relationship to culture and the tradition of our Christian faith, EFM helps us to shape our ministry and effectiveness in journeying alongside the last, the lost and the least. Come to this workshop and experience a taste of EFM.

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