Saturday 7th September 2019, Central Baptist Church, Palmerston North

This event is for all teams and their leaders – including Vestry members, wardens, children’s ministry volunteers, youth workers, those who serve the cups of tea, clergy, those in lay ministry… if you are part of a team that serves in your church, you’re invited to Team Training Day – there’s something here for you!

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No RSVP is required. Just gather together others from your parish teams – whether you lead a ministry or just help out once in a while, you’re invited.

We hold two training days every year, one in the north of the diocese and one in the south – but each one is different.  The day is full of useful workshops across a spectrum of topics, from governance and leadership to prayer, ministry and social justice topics.

Some workshops are repeated at each event so more people can attend them, but the majority of topics are fresh offerings from a whole range of speakers.  And ensuring the day is infused with a fantastic atmosphere of fellowship and whānau, we gather as a church family to worship, pray and hear from our bishops, with plenty of time over lunch to hang out, get to know each other and enjoy great food and coffee.

Here’s the agenda for the day:

9:30amArrival and cuppa
10:00amMain session
10:50amMorning workshops
12:30pmLunch (provided)
1:30pmAfternoon workshop 1
2:30pmAfternoon workshop 2
3:30pmClosing gathering
4:00pmLeaving time for most

We are blessed at this training day to have Christine Wanstall as our guest speaker.  Chris worships at Encounter Baptist Church in Chadstone, Melbourne. She leads the prophetic ministry within the church and has seen some amazing transformation in people’s lives through hearing and responding to God’s voice. Read more about Christine here.

Christine will be presenting throughout Team Training Day on the 7th of September, but will also be running an in-depth session on developing a strong prophetic culture, the day before on the 6th of September.  Join us for the in-depth session on the 6th and then stay over and enjoy Team Training Day on the 7th!

Training Day EXTRA: Prophetic Culture Workshop
6th Sept, 9:30am-3:30pm, St Oswald’s Palmerston North

It would be helpful if you could register for catering purposes.  Please click the button below to register.
Eventbrite - Developing a strong prophetic culture in your church

At the workshop, we will be looking at how to develop a culture in our churches where everyone can grow in hearing God and embrace the prophetic in a safe, mature and biblical way. We will also cover questions such as:

  • What is the best way to identify, encourage and release prophetic people?
  • How can we use prophecy in discipleship and mission?
    How do I learn how to hear God better?

This training day will be full of practical information and insight along with fun and interactive activities. It will be accessible for everyone regardless of your experience in prophetic ministry.

Three sessions:

  1. What is a prophetic culture?
  2. Identifying and leading prophets (including leading immature prophets)
  3. Prophecy in the context of discipleship and mission

All are welcome – please specifically think of people in your local contexts who would benefit.  It is for all of us, regardless of the ministry we are called to – as it addresses the prophetic aspects of all ministries.  Please also be prepared to bring a koha of $20 to contribute towards costs.

Prophetic Stream, Team Training Day, 7th September

Christine will offer three workshops at Team Training Day on the 7th:

Morning Session: How do we recognise and respond to God’s voice in our life

God speaks to all of us. This workshop will offer the opportunity to start the journey of learning to listen to God. It will include teaching and an encouraging atmosphere to learn more about how to hear God and respond to His voice.

Afternoon Session 1: What are the blocks or barriers to hearing God’s voice?

This workshop will look at the things that get in the way of us hearing God clearly. In order to tune in to God’s voice we have to tune out the things that fight for our attention.  We will have a look at the different things that become blocks or barriers to us hearing God’s voice clearly.

Afternoon Session 2: Prophecy as the fuel for mission

We are all called to be part of God’s great adventure in being disciples who make disciples. This workshop will look at practical ways that the prophetic gift can bring focus and provides key to see breakthrough in mission.

The day is made up of several sessions, during which you are able to choose from a smorgasbord of workshops to attend.  Here are the workshops we’ve confirmed so far – more will be added as they are confirmed.

Morning Workshops

These are from 10:50am until 12:20pm. Here’s what’s available:

What happened to your heart? How to be a passionate Jesus person in a cynical disillusioned world (and church)Rev Mark and Kirsty Johnson (Parish of Wellington South)For: everyone
More information
How do we recognise and respond to God’s voice in our lifeChristine Wanstall (Accessible Prophecy Coach, Melbourne)For: adults and youth from 12 years up
More information
Prophecy Stream
Macro-programming for youth and intermediate groups #1Andrew Spence (Youth Development Co-ordinator, Hutt Valley)For: youth and intermediate leaders (everyone welcome)
More information
Youth and Intermediate Stream
Preaching Great SermonsRev Dr Joe McGarry (Dean, College of PreachersFor: those who preach (all welcome)
More information
Preaching Stream
How to worship without musiciansRev Chris Darnell, Rev Lance and Rev Andrea LukinFor: everyone
More information
Street EvangelismRev James and Rev Julia Coleman (Parish of Silverstream)For: everyone
More information
Messy ChurchRichard Stevens (Team Leader, Messy Church NZ) and Sarah Hatch (Team Leader, Messy Church, All Saints Palmerston North)For: all ages
More information
Faith can move mountains: talking mental healthRev Amy Houben and friendsFor: everyone
More information
Family on (a LEGO) MissionDiana Langdon (Strandz Enabler) and Gendy Thomson (Archdeacon for Mission and Ministry)For: families (kids, bring an adult)
More information
Strategic leadership: interactive discussions with Bishop JustinBishop Justin DuckworthFor: mission unit leaders
More information

Afternoon Workshops - Session 1

These are from 1:30pm until 2:20pm.  Here’s what’s available:

Our Ethics and ConductRev Canon Sue Fordyce (Deputy Chancellor)Especially for: those who are licenced or covenanted
More information
(Double workshop - runs through Sessions 1 & 2)
What is the Good News?Bishop Justin DuckworthFor: everyone
More information
What are the blocks or barriers to hearing God’s voice?Christine Wanstall (Accessible Prophecy Coach, Melbourne)For: everyone aged 12 and over
More information
Macro-programming for youth and intermediate groups #2Andrew Spence (Youth Development Co-ordinator, Hutt Valley)For: Youth and intermediate leaders
More information
Youth and Intermediate
Crafting Great SermonsRev Dr Joe McGarry (Dean, College of Preachers)For: those who preach (all welcome)
More information
Mental health: a Biblical perspectiveRev Lance Lukin (Parish of Upper Hutt)For: everyone
More information
Leveraging technology to engage with non-regular church goersRev Chris Darnell (Parish of Whitby)For: everyone
More information
Celebrating Creation's ColoursRev Andy Hickman and the All Saints Palmerston North Glory GangFor: all ages, including pre-schoolers
More information
Reaching families in your community: how to start a community-focused children and families ministryColette Stevens (Diocesan Children and Families Ministry Co-ordinator) and teamFor: everyone
More information
Towards a framework for Societal ChangeMatt Crawshaw (Deputy Diocesan Manager)For: everyone
More information

Afternoon Workshops - Session 2

These are from 2:30pm until 3:20pm.  Here’s what’s on offer:

Building healthy relationships in familiesElla Retter (Open Home Foundation of NZ)For: adults, especially those with families
More information
Prophecy as the fuel for missionChristine Wanstall (Accessible Prophecy Coach, Melbourne)For: everyone aged 15 and over
More information
Macro-programming for Youth and Intermediate Groups #3Andrew Spence (Youth Development Co-ordinator, Hutt Valley)For: youth and intermediate leaders (all welcome)
More information
Youth and Intermediate
Delivering Great SermonsRev Dr Joe McGarry (Dean, College of Preachers)For: those who preach (all welcome)
More information
Don’t do it all yourself: Partnering together to meet the needs of your communityAbbey Peters and Michael Ward (Christians Against Poverty)For: everyone
More information
Leaning into mission as familyIsaac Henderson (Diocesan Overseas Mission Group)For: everyone, including intermediate and youth
More information
Building up the Body of ChristRev Tracey Peters (Parish of Taihape)For: everyone
More information

Team Training Day will be held at Central Baptist Church, 190 Church Street, Palmerston North.

Parking is generally available on Church Street and in the surrounding area.  To reduce our emissions, we recommend carpooling.

Event kick-off: The event will commence in the Central Baptist auditorium, off the main foyer.  Some workshops will be held two doors down at Gateway Christian Fellowship.  Our site hosts will help you find your way.

A koha is requested as a contribution towards the cost of the day.  You can offer this in cash, or via EFTPOS in the cafe space at Team Training Day.

Use these tools to promote Team Training Day in your church:

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Other resources

Here are some other resources you may find helpful

Lunch is provided for the day.  We’ll also serve tea and coffee on arrival, and you can also purchase barista-made coffee from our diocesan baristas in Central Baptist Church foyer.  We encourage you to bring your own re-usable mug, or purchase your own Anglican Movement-branded cup to keep.

For lunch, there will be vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options, however if you have other specific dietary needs, you are requested to bring your own.

Lunch is provided in the Central Baptist Church hall, off the foyer.  Feel free to mingle with friends or find a quiet space to reflect and pray.

Please note: the baristas will accept payment by EFTPOS, and you can also offer your koha in this way.  You can pay using cash, but change will not be available – so consider this an efficient way to pay for your coffee and offer a koha at the same time!  You can see the Koha section for more information.