Synod will be held in the Parish of Ruapehu in the Whanganui Archdeaconry on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September 2019, at Ruapehu College.  This will be an opportunity for us to support the Diocesan family in the North of the Diocese, and the Parish of Ruapehu looks forward to hosting us all.

All Synod representatives receive a copy of the information booklet “What You Always Wanted to Know About Synod,” which is also available here:

What You Always Wanted to Know About Synod – 2019 booklet


You are encouraged to book your accommodation as soon as possible as it is the ski season.  We have also been advised that the North Island Secondary Schools Ski Champs begin on the Monday following Synod so accommodation may be at a premium during Synod weekend as people try to book before the champs begin.

There is a wide range of accommodation types in Ohakune, also in Raetihi which is only 11km from Ohakune, and also in Rangataua which is only 5km from Ohakune.  Most places in Ohakune will be only 5-20 minutes’ walk to Ruapehu College.  Please be aware that some accommodation is a two night minimum during the ski season.

The following types of accommodation are available:

  • Bachcare
  • AirBnB
  • Bookabach
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Holiday homes
  • Farm cottages (e.g. Crumbly Cottage, Uncle Bill’s Cottage, Gum Tree Haven)
  • Lodges
  • Motels
  • Motor camps in both Raetihi and Ohakune

If you search for ‘accommodation Ohakune’, ‘accommodation Raetihi’ or ‘accommodation Rangataua’ you will find every type of accommodation available in the area.  Many holiday homes and farm cottages sleep 4-10 people.

Motel only accommodation can be organised for you through Helloworld, Ohakune at no extra cost.  Shelagh and Nigel Buck, members of Ruapehu Anglican Parish who operate Helloworld, Ohakune have offered this service, and you can contact them by email on Shelagh Buck or Nigel Buck

Alternatively Tawa Parish have booked out Snowy Waters Lodge and welcome expressions of interest if you would like to join them.  Please contact Phil McCarthy on

This year marks the second annual session of Synod where elections are held for General Synod, Board of Nomination and Nominations Panel.  Appointments are made for Diocesan Council, Revising Committee and Steering Committee.  After Synod, Diocesan Council will make appointments to various Diocesan committees and bodies.  We are now calling for nominations to the various Diocesan committees and bodies so encourage you to reflect whether you can serve the diocesan family in this way.  If you would like more information on any of the committees or bodies please email

All nominations for any diocesan committee or body must be on the official nomination form and must include the written consent of the nominee.  The official nomination form is available from the Anglican Centre – please email for a copy.

Description of the Nominee – Standing Order I4(1) requires all nominators to submit a brief description of the qualifications of their nominees to Synod members before the elections take place at Synod.  People who are seeking to stand for election are asked to prepare a typed CV of no more than 100 words (CVs longer than this will be edited).  Please email CVs to

Bodies elected at Synod

General Synod/Te Hinota Whanui: the function of General Synod/Te Hinota Whanui is to order the life of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.  The Diocesan representatives to General Synod comprises the Bishop, three clergy and four lay members.  These members are usually members of our Diocesan Synod.

Board of Nomination: the responsibility of the Board is to consider applicants and/or persons suitable for vacancies within the Anglican Diocese of Wellington, to make nominations to the Bishop for action, and to continually reassess the ways in which this work is done.  The membership is made up of the Bishop, two clergy and two lay members.  Members are expected to have a good knowledge of clergy, both within and outside of the Diocese.  Currently the Board of Nomination meets monthly.  Meetings are usually held in the Bishop’s office at the Anglican Centre.

Nominations Panel: the primary function of the Nominations Panel is to recommend members for appointment to various Diocesan and other bodies as called upon by the appointment procedures for those other bodies.  The Nominations Panel must actively seek to build a pool of people to serve God’s wider mission in the Diocese and consider formal nominations for Diocesan appointments.  Members should have strong networks in the Diocese and the wider church, and also understand the functions and roles of the various Diocesan bodies.  The membership is made up of the Bishop, two clergy and four lay members.  A large amount of this work is done by email contact, and the Panel will only meet when necessary.

All CVs must be received at the Anglican Centre by Monday 12 August 2019
to appear in the Synod Programme of Business Book
Nominations close on Saturday 21 September 2019 at 3.00pm
Elections will be held at Synod on Sunday 22 September 2019

Bodies appointed by motion at Synod

Diocesan Council: the primary function of Diocesan Council is to ensure the efficient administration of the affairs of the Diocese within the authority of Synod.  Diocesan Council provides for the overall governance of the Diocese between sessions of Synod, always seeking to ensure that the overarching values and direction set out in Synod are honoured and embraced.  Diocesan Council also ensures that the management and finance duties that are delegated are carried out appropriately.

Revising Committee: the function of the Revising Committee is to draft all the legal material which is presented to Synod in the form of Canons, Standing Resolutions or Standing Orders.  It advises those presenting such material, and ensures that there is no conflict with any other Canon or Act of the Anglican Church.

Steering Committee: the function of the Steering Committee is to determine the Order Paper of Synod in the light of the business that Synod will, in any given session, be required to deal with.

All CVs must be received at the Anglican Centre by Monday 12 August 2019
to appear in the Synod Programme of Business Book

Bodies Appointed by Diocesan Council after Synod

Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee: the BRSAC is a joint Tikanga Maori/Tikanga Pakeha committee responsible for allocating funds from some 10 Trusts which have been deemed shareable.

Clergy Welfare Committee: the primary task of this body is to provide support for and liaison with subscribers to the Clergy Pension Fund, and pensioners themselves.

Finance Committee: has oversight of our Diocesan operational funds (General Diocesan Fund) which are used for our Diocesan mission, ministry and management.  The committee also works together with parishes on financial matters.

Professional Standards Committee: members have oversight in relation to professional standards, including matters relating to Title D of the Provincial Canons, and the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Riverslea Trust: this is a charitable trust open to funding applications once a year.  The trustees seek to fund programmes that inspire, challenge and develop Christian spirituality and leadership in young people.

Social Services and Community Development Board: the Board’s function is to promote social services and community development work in the Diocese.  It works with agencies and parishes throughout the Diocese, and has a coordinating, supporting and initiating role for new projects, promoting Diocesan-wide activities and considering applications for funding.

Victoria University Chaplaincy Committee: the main purpose of the committee is to provide support and accountability to the work of the Anglican Chaplaincy among staff and students of Victoria University.  The committee generally meets monthly.

Copies of this year’s Annual Reports and Accounts Book have been emailed to all Synod members for the Regional Meetings and Synod.  A small number of hard copies will be available at the Regional Meetings and these will be collected at the end of the meetings so they will be available at Synod.

Download the Reports Book     Download the Accounts Book


Synod will be held at Ruapehu College, 30 Tainui Street, Ohakune on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September.  Please find below the date and location of your Regional Meeting:

Manawatū and Whanganui combinedSt John's, FeildingSat 10th August
9am - 1pm
KāpitiSt Luke's, WaikanaeSat 10th August
1pm - 5pm
Ohariu and Wellington combinedLoaves and Fishes Hall, Wellington Cathedral of St PaulSat 17th August
9am - 1pm
BelmontSt James', Lower HuttSat 17th August
10am - 2pm
WairarapaSt Mark's, CartertonSat 17th August
1pm - 5pm

Items for Discussion at Regional Meetings:

Along with the discussion on the accounts and reports contained in the Annual Accounts and Reports Book, there will be discussion on the following items:

  • Sabbatical provisions
  • Licensed Lay Ministers Canon
  • Property strategy update
  • Earthquake ratings
  • There are also elections being held at Synod this year, and appointments by Diocesan Council after Synod – more information on the elections and appointments is available under the “Elections and Appointments” tab.

We encourage all members of your Vestry, along with any other interested folk from your parish or mission unit, to attend the Regional Meeting for your Archdeaconry.  If you are unable to make your Archdeaconry meeting, you are welcome to attend one from another Archdeaconry.

Any member of Synod or Body wishing to put a motion before Synod must send their motion, along with their submissions, so that they reach the Anglican Centre by 12noon on Wednesday 7 August 2019.  Please include the email address and phone number of the mover, and the name of the seconder of the motion.  Emails can be sent to