What does it take to align to te Wairua Tapu o te whenua (God’s Spirit in this land)?
What does it take to be God’s missional church?


We are entering again our year of discipleship, with a specific focus on living a Jesus-shaped life.  As part of our journey together we will be exploring how the Holy Spirit (Wairua Tapu) has, and does work in Aotearoa New Zealand, and therefore what it means to be God’s missional people in this land.  We will hear stories of our past to learn, inform, repent and align ourselves with God’s Spirit to be His missional people and church.

A warm welcome to our friends

This year, we’re pleased to be joined by our friends from NZCMS and Anglican Missions from around the country.  Friends, we’re so glad you can join us for this occasion.


What is Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp?

Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp is our annual gathering for all key leaders of ministries within our movement, and their families.  It’s a time of refreshing, teaching and reconnecting with friends and colleagues from around the diocese, in the peaceful setting of El Rancho Christian Camp.

About this year’s camp

Ka mua, ka muri.  We walk into the future backwards.

This Māori whakataukī (proverb) represents the way in which the future is viewed in te Ao Māori.  We can’t see the future, just as we can’t see what’s behind us.  Instead, we look to our heritage to inform our journey into the future (source).

This year, our focus is on becoming Te Hāhi Mihingare – God’s missional church, in other words, we are followers of Jesus who grow followers of Jesus.

We remember stories of what God has done; and we anticipate the new things God will do in and through us, as we journey “backwards” into the future.


From 3:00pmArrive, register (Redwood Hall)
4:45pm-ishMihi whakatau (Kauri Hall)
7:00pmEvening Programme: worship with Cindy Ruakere, keynote speaker Jay Ruka: The Covenant According to Karuwhā
7:15pmAlternative programme for ages 5-13
(Free time, including movie)


7:30am - 8;30amBreakfast (rolling)
8:45amMorning family prayer and worship
9:15am - 12:15pmAlternative programme for ages 2 - 13
9:15amKeynote Speaker: Rosie Fyfe, CMS: Story of the Church Missionary Society in Aotearoa New Zealand
10:20amMorning tea
10:55amWorkshops (see conference booklet for detail)
11:55amDoing Mission in NZ, following God's Spirit in this land (Rev Paul Fletcher & Rev Billy Rowe)
12:30pmLunch (Families first, others from 1pm)
1:30pm - 5:30pmFree time: optional activities available. See conference booklet for more information.
• Rolling afternoon tea available from 2:45pm - 5:00pm.
1:45pm - 2:15pmDiocese of Wellington vicars and PICs session with the Bishops (others welcome)
5:30pmDinner (Families first, others from 6pm)
7:00pmEvening programme: worship with Cindy Ruakere, Keynote speaker Jay Ruka: Toiroa and Time
7:15pmKids released - alternative programme for ages 4 - 13
Free time, including movie


7:30am - 8:30amBreakfast
8:45amMorning family prayer and worship
9:15amMain programme: Keynote speaker Bishop Eleanor Sanderson
9:15am - 12:15pmAlternative programme for ages 2-13
10:20amMorning tea
11:00amWorkshops (see conference booklet for details)
12:00pmLunch (Families first, others from 12:30pm
1:30pmEucharist and Ordination
3:30pmPack down and cleaning

This year’s camp will be held at:

El Rancho Christian Camp
58 Weggery Drive
Waikanae Beach

The camp begins in the late afternoon of Thursday the 10th of October with a mihi whakatau, but registrations open from 3pm.  When you arrive, please register at the registration desk.

The camp finishes mid-afternoon on Saturday the 12th of October.


On the Kāpiti Expressway, take the Waikanae Beach exit (from both directions).  From the south, turn left on Te Moana Road.  From the north, turn right on Te Moana Road.

Turn left on Waimea Road, and left on Weggery Drive.  The entrance is at number 58, and leads down a long, winding driveway to the camp.

Note: The entrance has changed since the opening of the Kāpiti Expressway.  If you haven’t been to El Rancho in a while, make yourself familiar with these directions.

Print these directions


We’d appreciate everyone making a koha to contribute to the camp, according to what is within your means.  We are unable to cover the full costs of Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp without your contribution.

As a guide, we expect the full costs of camp per person – including food, accommodation, and resourcing – to be:

  • Sleeping on-site:
    • Adults (13yo and over): $130
    • Children (4-12yo): $110
    • Children (0-3yo): $20
  • Sleeping off-site:
    • Adults (13yo and over): $90
    • Children (4-12yo): $75
    • Children (0-3yo): $20

Note: for those with special dietary requirements, there is an extra $15 cost for the whole camp.

You can pay this koha online via internet banking using the details below, or by cash or EFTPOS at The Outpost Cafe on-site.

  • Account name: Anglican Diocese of Wellington
  • Account Number: 01-0535-0089638-28
  • Reference: 460.140-MC

Download this handy packing list.  We suggest reading it closely, as there are some rather essential items in there that will ensure you’re ready for the camp.

At Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp we (Anglican Movement whānau) will be welcoming our guests (CMS and Anglican Missions) with a mihi whakatau.  For diocesan attendees, please familiarise yourself with these waiata.  You can hear the tune of the waiata here:

  • Mā Wai Rā – note: the words in this version differ to the words we will use, but the tune is the same.
  • He Hōnore

The words of these waiata will also be published in the Camp booklet, which will be given to you at registration.