We say it weekly in our liturgies: Grace and peace to you from God.

What does that mean, grace? Elegance? Good will? Honour? It all falls short. God’s unmerited favour, predisposed goodness, a giving of mercy are all part of the definition, yet short. It is something we can discuss, even wrestle with, but it hits much closer to home in giving it when there is deep hurt and loss. It’s almost as hard to receive it from another. It’s most difficult to give to ourselves.

Grace means accepting the hurt and loss; giving mercy, forgiving, releasing debt, and even turning to favour and love towards another who is hurt. Yet, if we do not give that grace, we become a prisoner. This impacts everyone.
This year, take this pilgrimage with us. Journey through Lent and wrestle with grace; receiving and giving. Take apart the stories and Scripture, and cross over from “nice lesson” into transformation, becoming more like Jesus than before.

May this be a year that changes us forever.

This year’s Lenten study booklets are sold out.  But you can still enjoy the sermon series below.

Lenten Sermons

Watch on YouTube or download from Dropbox here.

Week 1: John 8:2-11 The woman caught in adultery – Bishop Justin (read the transcript)

Week 2: Matthew 15:21-28 The Canaanite woman – Archdeacon Wendy Scott (read the transcript)

Week 3: Luke 15:11-32 The prodigal son / gracious father – Rev Tim McKenzie & Rev Māmari Stephens (read the transcript)

Week 4: Luke 19:1-10 Zacchaeus – Very Rev David Rowe (read the transcript)

Week 5: Matthew 13:44-46 Pearl of great value – Rev Emile Pacifique (read the transcript)

Week 6: Matthew 5:13-16 Salt and light – Bishop Eleanor Sanderson (read the transcript)