We are looking forward to our inspiring family festival celebration on Saturday the 18th of November at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul as we celebrate our Ordination Service and Diocesan Hui.  This day is our opportunity for everyone to come together as diocesan family to celebrate the ordination of those responding to God’s call to be the gatherers of the faith community; and to celebrate how God has been answering our prayers with and through us over the last five years, transforming us and our local communities as we partner with Him.


It really is open to everyone – and we know that when you come, you’ll go back to your community full of appreciation of God’s goodness, and excitement for the opportunities to be a blessing and to make a difference.  So we encourage all – from Ruapehu to Seatoun, leaders and parishioners, young and old will to come together, learn together, and continue to build the bond of family.

Here’s how the day will run:

  • 10am: We start our celebration with our 2017 Ordination Service.
  • From about 11:30am, we flow into our festival-style Hui celebration, celebrating how God has answered our prayers.  There will be food stalls and family-friendly activities – all designed to allow us to connect with each other and share the stories of our diocese from the last year.
  • At 1:30pm, we move into our Eucharist celebration, giving thanks for all that God has done and is doing, through us and in us.

Please also pray for Bishop Eleanor, all the ordinands and their families, and all diocesan personnel involved in the discernment and ordination process.

Lunch arrangements

In addition to having food and barista-made coffee available for purchase, you’re welcome to bring your own picnic, and we encourage you to bring food to share at the “banqueting table” – an opportunity for us to gather together and ensure everyone is nourished and taken care of.  See below for more details on the banquetting table.

This year’s stallholders: what’s on offer?

This year we are looking forward to a fantastic selection of stalls, filled with stories and information about God’s goodness in our diocese this year.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Anglican Studies
  • Housing
  • Climate Catalysts
  • Living Wage
  • Anglican Youth Movement
  • Wellington South Parish: The colour of God and the light of the holy spirit in Newtown
  • Stories of effective children and families ministry
  • Anglican schools: students’ response to the five marks of mission
  • Wainuiomata Parish
  • Newlands-Paparangi Parish: planting 5,000 trees in five years
  • Whitby Parish: stories of how are prayers and church services are “being sent,” and about a school community that we are sent to in partnership
  • New Wine – ask us about it!
  • Oroua Parish: challenges we have faced through growth
  • Whanganui Parish: combining four parishes into one, with a new culture
  • Greenhouse Levin
  • Blueprint Church
  • St Peter’s on Willis Music-Makers
  • Karori Parish: Godly Play
  • Kāpiti Parish: a year in the life of the parish

Harvest Banqueting Table

We invite all parishioners to bring a plate of food of your specialty (pre-plated and wrapped) to contribute to the banqueting table.  We’d love to bless each other by sharing of our bounty and gifts in this way.  Food can be dropped off to the Loaves and Fishes Hall before the ordination, or placed directly on the table after the ordination.

Holy Order of Deacons

Anashuya Fletcher, Deacon Assistant in the Mission Order of Urban Vision

Originally from Sri Lanka, I have lived most of my life in Mt Roskill, Auckland. My husband Paul and I are currently based at St Johns, with our son, Ishmael. Following Jesus has led me to live in different contexts with roles as a lawyer, baker, community worker and neighbour. I am excited about becoming part of the Diocese.

Paul Fletcher, Deacon Assistant in the Mission Order of Urban Vision

Paul is married to Anashuya and they have a young son, Ishmael. Originally from Scotland, most of the past 16 years have been spent in Auckland. That time has been mainly filled with various forms of community work; fostering, soccer coaching, pastoring, and social-enterprising – all involved within that mix. Next year sees the beginning of a new season, with the family moving to Whanganui.

Emile Pacifique, Deacon Licensed to the Bishop of Wellington

I was born in Rwanda, East-Central Africa. There I trained and worked in pastoral ministry, community work and teaching.  I am married to Persis Pacifique, we have three grown children. We immigrated to New Zealand in 1998 under the quota refugee scheme, an event we attribute to God’s indescribable grace.

Hera Whitehead, Deacon Assistant in the Parish of Newlands-Paparangi

Ko Makio taku maunga; Ko Waiaua taku awa; Ko Mataatua taku waka;

Ko Waiaua taku marae; Ko Nga Patumoana taku hapu; Ko Mokomoko taku Rangatira.

Ko Hera Whitehead ahau.

Wiremu and I have four children, 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. We are part of St Michaels’ Newlands-Paparangi family. As guardians of Te Waiora o Te Ariki, our ministry home, we provide respite support and alternate housing for at risk youth and our local community.

Murray Wills, Deacon Assistant in the Parish of Lower Hutt

Kia ora. I’m Murray. I have been part of the family and served in lay ministry at the Parish of Lower Hutt for a number of years. I’m married to Amanda and we live with our two university age sons.

Thank you to those who have encouraged me to answer God’s call. I am looking forward to serving faithfully in ordained ministry.

Philippa Young, Deacon in Charge in the Parish of South Wairarapa

I am married to Nick (our fabulous Diocesan Manager) and we have five children. I am a trained teacher, and am currently the Chaplain at Hadlow Anglican School and also Lay Leader of our local Featherston parish, St Johns. I am part of the Order of Urban Vision and together with the parish, we are seeking to be outward facing and build community with our neighbours.

Holy Order of Priests

Reverend John Crawshaw, Priest with Responsibility for Ngatiawa River Monastery

I am married to Karen (for more than 40 years) and we have 7 children and 17 (living) grandchildren. For most of our adult lives we have lived in residential community, and for the last 5 years have loved being part of Urban Vision and the community at Ngatiawa River Monastery. I trained and worked as a lawyer, then alongside theological study was part of the leadership team in Wellington Youth for Christ, followed by many years of pastoral leadership in Lifepoint Church in Wellington. Together Karen & I have a passion to see people, families and communities formed in the way of Jesus.

Reverend Kim Duxfield, Chaplain at Nga Tawa Diocesan School

Kia ora, I’m Kim Duxfield. I am married to Tim. We both grew up in Tawa and went to St Christopher’s Church. We currently live in Palmerston North and are part of St Oswald’s Church; this season will be coming to an end this year. I have the amazing job of chaplain at Nga Tawa Diocesan School which I am excited to continue as a priest.

Reverend Casey Lee, Co-Priest in Charge in the Parish of Titahi Bay

It’s four years since my wife, Carmen, and I were sent to serve in St Matthew’s. It is a challenging outpost, and we want to praise and thank the Lord for HIS grace and mercy that have sustained us for the work there. And also blessings us with a loving & caring whānau who walked alongside us in our journey to priesthood. Arohanui.

Reverend Jimmy Luey, Priest Assistant in the Chinese Anglican Mission

I am married to Rona and we have three adult children, Daniel, Phillip and Catherine.

I am with the Chinese Mission ministering to the English speaking second, third and subsequent generations of our community, as we work out how to be good disciples of Jesus in the multicultural context of New Zealand.

Reverend Dr Joe McGarry, Priest Assistant in the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul

Joe has served the Wellington Diocese for almost two years now, overseeing the Anglican Studies program and serving on the Cathedral clergy team. He has served the church for over 20 years, leading in a number of ministries, and is passionate about theologies of discipleship. Joe and Katrina recently celebrated 19 years of marriage, and have two sons.

Reverend Jeff Odhiambo, Priest Assistant in the Parish of Naenae-Epuni

I am married to Alicia and together we have two kids Elle and Miles. We have been living in New Zealand for the past seven years. I have been in active ministry for the past 14+ years; in different cultural context and with several Para-Church organizations. I have experience of large and small congregations.

Reverend Scottie Reeve, Priest in Charge in the Mission Unit of Blueprint Church

I have spent the last decade in youth and community work, moving into ministry two years ago as the leader of Blueprint young adults church. My wife Anna and I live with nine other young adults in a community on Cuba Street. I am the diocesan Young Adults Enabler, and have also established two coffee bars in central Wellington that provide high-school-age young people with their first jobs.

Reverend Carmen Yeoh, Co-Priest in Charge in the Parish of Titahi Bay

Kia ora! I am presently serving as Co-Deacon in Charge of the Parish of Titahi Bay with my husband Casey. Praise God for the joy of serving Him in this vineyard, and for the love and trust of the whānau in Christ. The work is challenging but God has prepared us through years of ministries in Malaysia. Thanking God for His election and grace upon my life.

Photos and profiles of the Ordinands will be uploaded over the coming weeks.

Location: Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, Cnr Hill and Molesworth Streets, Thorndon, Wellington

Car parking:

The Cathedral’s main car park on Hill Street will be partially closed for use during the hui, and what remains will be used for pre-arranged disability and elderly parking.  If you would like to reserve a spot in this car parking area, please contact Ian Raistrick at the Cathedral on ian@wellingtoncathedral.org.nz.

There is some paid car parking available behind the Cathedral.  Immediately past the Cathedral on Molesworth St, the building that was an earthquake risk last year has been demolished and is currently a parking lot.  Just past this property, turn left up Collina Terrace (look out for the Coffix coffee cart) to go behind this parking lot, and there are some more paid parking spaces up the hill.

On-street parking is available in the area, and is free on Saturdays, but has a time limit of two hours.  Beware that some spaces are reserved for residents with permits, so take heed of the signage at each parking space.

If you plan to bring a van or bus,  please contact Ian at the Cathedral on ian@wellingtoncathedral.org.nz so he can help you find parking.

You can also download this map showing the parking areas as mentioned above.

Because of the scarcity of parks, we highly encourage car-pooling, or better yet, use public transport.

Public transport:

If you’re coming from outside the Wellington region, you can park for free at any of the numerous park and ride facilities at train stations around the region, then it’s just a relaxing train or bus ride into the CBD and a 8 minute stroll up the hill to the Cathedral.  If you’re coming from within the region, please take public transport where you can, so parking spaces are available for our diocesan family from further afield.

Visit the Metlink journey planner,enter “Wellington Cathedral of St Paul” as your destination and your address as your origin, choose “Arrive by 10:00am” and find out what options you have for public transport to get to the Cathedral.

Here you will find some resources to help you promote the Ordination and Hui to your parishioners and church members.  Whilst these resources look best when printed in colour, if ink usage or cost is a prohibiting factor, please feel free to print in grayscale.

Clergy are asked to robe in alb and red stole for the Ordination service.

PTO (Permission to Officiate), PTM (Permission to Minister) and Retired Clergy:

PTO, PTM and retired clergy who wish to robe, process and be seated with the other clergy, please email Ian at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul on ian@wellingtoncathedral.org.nz to this effect, so that sufficient seating may be arranged.  We kindly ask parish leaders to check with their retired clergy who may not be on email to ensure they receive this information, thank you.


Bishop Eleanor asks for as many Wardens as possible to be part of the procession at the Ordination service.  Wardens are asked to form up outside the glass doors of the Cathedral (in the portico) at 9:50am ready to process.  You will process behind the verger but before the clergy.  You are not required to bring your “wands.”

Eucharist arrangements:

At the Eucharist at 1:30pm, only the choir, servers, Bishop, assisting clergy and newly ordained clergy will process. Diocesan clergy and lay canons do not need to robe for the Eucharist and are invited to find a seat with the rest of the congregation – either in the Chancel or in the nave.

Robing Venues and Times:

9:30am – Ordinands please be robed by 9:30am and in the Lady Chapel ready for prayer with Bishop Eleanor.  Ordinands robe in the Lady Chapel –  Note: this will be used as a quiet space during the Hui after ordination, so please do not leave valuables in this space.

9:45am – All other clergy please be robed by 9:45am and congregate in the Cathedral car park (or Loaves and Fishes if wet).

  • Diocesan and visiting clergy – robe in the Crypt under the Chancel, (downstairs, accessible from both side corridors.)
  • Those unable to manage the steep stairs to the Crypt please use the Brian Davis Room.  Note – Brian Davis Room will be used as a crèche throughout the day – please do not leave valuables.
  • Lay Canons: robes are in top Vestry by High Altar, Molesworth Street side.
  • Archdeacons, Clerical Canons and Bishops – robe in the Dean’s Vestry.

Seating for those with limited mobility:

If anyone would like seating for those with disabilities or for wheelchair spaces to be reserved, please email Ian at the Cathedral on ian@wellingtoncathedral.org.nz so sufficient seating can be arranged.

Thanks for doing a stall at the Hui. This will either be:

  • a “traditional style” stall comprising a table with a couple of chairs behind it (in one of various locations around the open area at the back of the nave nearest the front entrance doors (and in the foyer itself), or,
  • a wall display/pop up type of stall in one of the side aisles of the nave.

Which type you get will accord with our discussions about it, or for those of you that have kindly given us that option, what we choose for you! If we haven’t heard from you yet, please contact Paul on 027 422 5934 or paul@wn.ang.org.nz to discuss your requirements asap!

Set up

Because of timing constraints on Saturday morning, we encourage everyone to do your stall setup on the Friday if possible (particularly if you are having a “traditional style” stall). There are 2 options:

  • Friday 3pm – 5 pm (ordination rehearsal starts at 5 pm!), or
  • Friday 6 pm till about 8 pm (if you come at 6 pm you will get fish and chips!)

If you can’t make it on Friday, you will be able to set up from 8.00 am on Saturday but please note this must be completely finished by 9.15 am at the latest (this will be strictly enforced).

Display stand

We have invested in some clever cardboard display stands (actually we got them free! see picture below – yes that is Paul doing the modelling, if you don’t know what he looks like!) and you will have one to use. The display board is 90 cm by 70 cm, and you can put anything you like on it, but please include something with large text that says who you are and what your stall is about.


If you have told us you need access to an electric point, our plan is to position you near to one.


Parking on Saturday will be at a premium – click on the “Getting There” tab for full information). If you do need to drop stuff off by car on Saturday, please contact Paul on 027 422 5934 or paul@wn.ang.org.nz to discuss this before the day.


The Hui part of the event will be from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm. Please arrange to have someone at your stall throughout that time.


Any questions please feel free to ring Paul on 027 422 5934.

Thanks again for running a stall!

We need a wonderful crew of friendly and/or strong and/or flexible ‘can do’ servers to help with the following:

  • Set up (night before),
  • Practical help on the day (from environmental changes to serving tea and coffee and everything in-between)
  • Pack down at end of the day.

We’d love to welcome you to the team!  Please contact Paul on paul@wn.ang.org.nz.