Here are the latest key events coming up in our diocese, as well as other events of interest to the diocesan family.  If you need the diocesan calendar with meeting dates, liturgical dates and dates for courses such as Anglican Studies, please click here.

Key events:

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Event Information:

  • Just Lawns Mowing Service - Urban Vision Naenae

    Justlawns is a lawn mowing service set up by Urban Vision Naenae that aims to provide a place where people can participate in work and strive for a better life.  At Justlawns we recognize that work is a gift from our Creator - a gift too easily taken for granted. At its best, work provides us with income, a sense of 'team' or community, new skills, and human dignity. However, some people are consistently excluded from employment because of the lack of opportunities available and/or challenges they personally face. At Justlawns, we employ people who for a variety of reasons face barriers - allowing them to make a valuable workplace contribution and, in turn, enjoy the goodness of work. If you would like to find out more about this lawn mowing service, please contact Jill on 04 972 7441 or email her.