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    EFM Mentor Training Days


    The dictionary tells us that “minister” means to attend to, serve, support, sustain.  How are we called to minister in our daily lives, and in our whanau together?  How do we grow in our awareness of what it means to be partners with Christ in attending to, serving, supporting, and sustaining each other?

    EfM (Education for Ministry – Exploring Faith Matters) is one of the tools that our diocese affirms as a profound way to deepen and resource our discipleship together. Exploring faith matters, learning to think theologically, discovering what God is calling us to be and do, day by day, and doing this together, is at the heart of EFM.

    By building a community of honesty and trust where we can examine our own beliefs and practices, and their relationship to culture and the tradition of our Christian faith, EFM helps us to shape our ministry and effectiveness in journeying alongside the last, the lost and the least, engaging with the context in which we live with integrity, creativity and generosity.

    We have a number of EfM groups operating around the Diocese and could have more if we had enough Mentors willing to facilitate.

    There will be three mentor trainings in the Diocese this year. The first is in Wellington on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 January.

    Email Jean on if you are interested, or download this registration form.

    For more information about EFM, check out