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Time left until Ordination begins:

As we journey into Eastertide, we celebrate our risen Lord and we wait with joyful expectation for Pentecost, when we celebrate the coming of the promised Holy Spirit.  This year, from Ascension Sunday to Pentecost, the whole Diocese will join together to pray for the Holy Spirit’s transformative power to come, in our Diocesan week of prayer entitled Come Holy Spirit.

In every parish or mission unit, we encourage you to get creative and plan prayer events that celebrate and reflect what is important to you and your community.  To get you started, we’ve joined with the global “Thy Kingdom Come” initiative launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and loaded several resources onto this website.  These offer heaps of great ideas across generations, group sizes and prayer styles – so check out the Resources section.  But don’t feel limited by what’s available – if you’ve got an innovative and unique idea that God has placed within you, go for it!

Just remember to share your great ideas around! Click the events button above to log your events so we can publicise them and share all of the unique expressions of prayer from every corner of the Diocese.

So gather your ideas, gather your teams and plan for a fantastic week of prayer.  We can’t wait to join with you!