The Bishops have invited every ministry unit to support the next phase of our movement’s action on climate change on 16 June.

For two years, our movement has supported the campaign for a Zero Carbon Act (a law to keep New Zealand on track in reducing our carbon emissions and adapting to climate change). This bill has just passed its first reading and the Government is now inviting the public to have their say.

We aim to collect 500 submissions from all of us, from all over the diocese. To do so, our Advocacy Enabler, Kate Day, is mobilising passionate young Anglicans to visit parish services in small teams on the 16th of June, to share why climate change matters to them and invite parishioners to make a submission right there and then after the service. We hope to visit as many parishes as we have young people willing to serve in this way.

Parishes – how will it work:

We are also endeavouring to provide a filmed sermon from Bishop Eleanor about why climate change is one of our Synod priorities.  More on that as plans progress.

Anglican Advocacy and the Bishops will provide:

How do I sign up?

  • Parishes willing to take part should register by 9th of June, by clicking here.
  • Youth or young adults willing to speak about climate change in a service can register by clicking here.
Questions can be directed to or 022 315 6499.