Administration matters

Management Committee Summary for May

Management Committee held a meeting on 25 May. The joint planning meeting with the Diocesan Leadership Team that was held on 22 April and the…

Management Committee Summary for March

Management Committee’s second meeting for the year was held on 9 March. There was some discussion about how to make the Committee’s processes more efficient…

2016 Schedule A Online Link

The 2016 annual Schedules have been sent to all parishes.  The link for submitting Schedule A online is as follows:

Management Committee Report

Management Committee met on 18 November 2015 and had a significant number of items on the agenda. There was discussion on how Management Committee meetings…

Synod 2015 Minutes

The Minutes of Synod 2015 are below.  These have been circulated to Synod Reps, Clergy, Wardens, Vestry Secretaries and Parishes. Synod Minutes 2015

Faculty Applications

After the changes made at our recent Synod to the Faculties Canon, there is a new Faculty Application form and information on applying for a…