Reverend Dr Ron Atkins, Wellington Hospital

Reverend Dr Ron Atkins, Wellington Hospital

We offer our congratulations to the Reverend Dr Ron Atkins, Deacon at St Peter’s on Willis, Wellington, who has been appointed Ecumenical Chaplain to the Department of Oncology and Haematology at Wellington Hospital.

Ron’s appointment breaks new ground in that he is the first Hospital Chaplain in New Zealand to be designated to work in a specific department.

The need for a Chaplain to work in this highly specialised area was first mooted by senior departmental staff who recognised the worth of this ministry.  The Inter-church Council for Hospital Chaplaincy (ICHC) and our Anglican Diocese then worked closely together to bring the idea to fruition.

Ron was installed in his new position at a ceremony in the hospital chapel on Tuesday 22 August.  The Venerable Stephen King, acting for the Bishops, presented the licence.

The other Chaplains, departmental staff and representatives of ICHC and The Wellington Hospital Chaplaincy Trust took active parts in the service.

Prior to his appointment Ron was a Voluntary Chaplain Assistant for over twenty years, and it is testimony to the regard in which he is held that the Chapel was full to overflowing.