Being Salt, Light and Leaven Where You Work: a seminar

A day-long seminar is to be held on the 15th of September in Wellington on being salt, light and leaven in your place of work.  Led by a strong group of presenters from across numerous walks of life, this seminar will encourage you to think about your own workplace and how you can have an impact there.

The seminar’s flier states that the purpose of the workshop is as follows:

Most church programmes on the ministry of the laity aim to prepare church members for leadership in their local church. By contrast, this seminar focuses on the wider ministry of the laity as agents for change in their place of work – how to be the salt, light and leaven at the cutting edge of day-by-day mission.

With presenters such as Bishop Richard Randerson, City Missioner Murray Edridge, General Practitioner Dr Rebecca Randerson, Bishop Bruce Gilberd and more, participants are expected to gain a whole new perspective on their personal vocation in life, work and relationship.

Please download the flier for full information and registration details.