Diocesan Council update – June 2018

By: Rev Jennie Sim, Diocesan Council member

Diocesan Council met on the 18th of June, following midday worship in the cathedral.  We began with sharing where we each had found God working recently on our character formation – and the general consensus was that God is definitely at work with us, albeit not always comfortably!  It is great to begin our meetings with this deep sharing of God’s presence in our own lives, before we go on to look at where God is working in our diocese.

We celebrated the work of the Spirit in our midst at the recent Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp at Rātana.  The comments from the Rātana hosts about how well our whānau worked together are a testament to God’s work in weaving us together in life and ministry.

Council held a brief discussion on the document recently provided to mission units to help examine strategies for growth. We commend this to you and your leadership teams, as we seek to respond the commitment to growth made by many of us at Synod last year.

The bishops briefed Diocesan Council on General Synod, and outlined their proposed roadshows to update the wider diocese on the process going forward, following Motion 7 (29) on same sex blessings. The roadshows were subsequently held in three centres throughout the diocese in June.  We trust that as many of you as possible were able to engage in the roadshows on offer, as we seek to discern the best way forward for our diocese, for both clergy and lay to have a place to stand.

The Council, acting as Diocesan trust board, approved the reappointment of Geoff Shirtcliff to Wellesley College Board of Trustees; and appointed Mike Arcus, Donna Rameka and Jill Renata to the Wairarapa Families Anglican Trust Board.