How the Bible is helping migrants

How the Bible is helping migrants

From: Bible Society New Zealand

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Christian in the Middle East? Dr Hrayr Jebejian, Head of Bible Society in the Gulf is sharing his experiences first-hand on a trip to New Zealand.  His trip will include two speaking engagements in Paraparaumu and Wellington City.

Hrayr oversees Bible mission in the seven Gulf nations of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The Bible Society operates 18 centres in this region.

There are more than 20 million migrants living and working in the Gulf States. And in four of these countries – UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain- there are more foreigners than locals. Working conditions for migrant workers are very poor. Hrayr and his team are passionate about reaching these migrants with the hope of the Bible.

One migrant who received a Bible from the Bible Society told Hrayr his story. “I came to Dubai from Nepal in 2003. I started as a labourer loading and unloading boxes. I was very depressed and restless working in difficult circumstances. I was looking for peace in my life. I was introduced to the Nepali Church. I heard the Gospel. I repented of my sins and asked God to forgive me. Since then I have been enjoying His Grace. I read both Nepali and English Bibles. The Bible reading gives me new insights and strengthens me,” he said.

Hrayr says, “It is crucial for these migrant workers to be engaged with the Bible and be instilled with Christian hope. It is through Christian hope these migrant workers are rediscovering themselves as new creatures in Jesus Christ.

“Also, the Bible is helping them to continue to mature in life, and the Christian Message of Hope is helping them to think, feel and act like Jesus and sustain during the difficult circumstances of their diaspora lives.”

As a Lebanese-Armenian, Hrayr is also a great advocate for the people of Armenia. He will speak at a special function hosted by the Armenian Society in Auckland. Hrayr has recently published and authored a book called, Armenia Diasporan Lives: As I Saw Them.

He has a long list of academic qualifications and Bible Society accolades. One of his more recent achievements is a degree in Bible Engagement.

Hrayr is married to Dr Arda Jebejian, who is an expert in language preservation. She is visiting New Zealand with him and has several speaking engagements as well. They have two adult children.

For more information on where Hrayr will be speaking during his New Zealand tour, visit Bible Society New Zealand’s website.

Paraparaumu visit:

Kāpiti Bowling Club
1 Matatua Road, Raumati Beach, Paraparaumu
Wednesday 15th August, 9:30am – 11:30am
Morning tea provided

Wellington visit:

The Street Church
9 Hania St, Mount Victoria
Wednesday 15th August, 5:30 – 7:00pm
Pizza provided

Places at some of these events are limited, so Bible Society encourages you to register now.