The Bible is good for life: Bible Month 2018

The Bible is good for life: Bible Month 2018

Bible reading is key to being a strong Christian as well as victorious living says Tak Bhana, Senior Pastor of Auckland’s Church Unlimited, Bible Society New Zealand’s Vice-President, and one of the speakers at last year’s New Wine Festival.  Pastor Tak is a supporter of Bible Month 2018, which kicks off on the 1st of July.

Bible Month is a time to focus on the Bible and its centrality to your Christian faith, and Bible Society New Zealand has created an impressive set of resources to help you engage in the Bible afresh, and if you’re a church leader, to help you engage your congregations.  Good for Life is the name of their resource series, and their key message is that the Bible really is good for life.

The tools available in the series include a booklet and a DVD which has been sent to more than 1,400 churches nationwide, but they’re also available for download from the Bible Month website.

“The Bible is good not just for the tough times but for all of life,” says Bible Society’s Programme Director, Stephen Opie. “When you’re lonely, broken or disappointed, the Bible should be there. And when you’re joyful, content and at peace, the Bible should be there. The Bible needs to be in and through our day to day walk with God.”

The DVD features three compelling two-minute testimony videos of a Christian medical doctor, a young mum dealing with loss and a kiwi soldier who served in Afghanistan. All three Kiwis have been inspired to share about how the Bible has helped them in their lives.

In addition, there is an Essentials Bible Reading Challenge, sermon notes, wall posters and small group resources. Our latest publication, The Field Guide to the Bible already on its second-print run, helps young people make sense of what can sometimes be thought of as a complicated book.

For more information and to download free resources go to  or just call Bible Society New Zealand on 0800 424 253 for further details.