Bishop Richard Randerson offers refreshed seminar series

As in previous years, Bishop Richard Randerson is offering seminars on key topics as the Church seeks to engage with our social context.  He is willing to present these seminars in person, but also to make the PowerPoint presentations freely available to any who wish to run them themselves, or simply use as a resource.  Topics are listed below, and PowerPoint resources are available on request from Bishop Richard on or by phoning 04 976 6050.

End of Life Choice (Euthanasia): this topic is currently before the Justice Select Committee and raises important issues of Christian ethics, spirituality and pastoral care. 35,000 submissions have been received. The presentation provides an overview of the issues with a summary of the submission made by the diocesan bishops.

Climate Change and the Church’s Response: the new government has brought fresh energy to this urgent issue, especially with its proposed Zero Carbon Bill. Churches are responding and this presentation outlines the seriousness of our situation, examines our theology, and sets out practical responses at parish level.

Same-Sex Blessings: An overview of the oft-quoted biblical texts with alternative viewpoints, reflections on biblical interpretive method, and a summary of the decisions to move ahead at General Synod 2018.

Are we a Moral Nation? Critical issues of poverty and social justice face this nation, raising fundamental issues of values and biblical principle. This seminar outlines key issues of injustice and considers moral foundations with practical steps for local church and community response. Reflections from Archbishop Justin Welby are included.

God in the 21st Century: Christian belief is under serious threat when humanists Richard Dawkins and Lloyd Geering command the public space. The Church needs to do more than just simply reaffirm traditional images and doctrines. This seminar explores the middle ground between traditional theism and atheism, and addresses the issue of whether God is Being or a Being, affirming the revelation of the divine mystery in Jesus Christ.

A Theology of Well-being: a presentation which examines the key biblical references from Genesis to Revelation on aspects of justice, along with challenging discussion questions on personal faith and commitment, and the Church’s response in mission. Suited to a study group at home or church.

The following workshops do not have PowerPoint resources available, but Bishop Richard is available to run them in your location.

Church Outreach to the Local Community: Based on a successful 3hr seminar in Napier last October, this workshop draws on the insights of local grass-roots social service and justice agencies to develop strategies for parish action. Ideally run as an ecumenical regional event as a means of developing local strategies by local churches.

Lay Vocation in the Workplace: an all-day workshop to enable lay church members in addressing key issues of faith and ethics in their working environment. This workshop will enable laity to identify their gifts and opportunities, and to develop a clear vocational sense as agents for building more human and ethically-based workplaces. Speakers from different work environments will contribute. Initial workshops have been planned for Auckland (cathedral) on Sat 4 August, and Wellington (All Saints, Hataitai)  on Sat 15 September. Other centres by arrangement.

Guest Preacher/ Mentor: Bishop Richard welcomes guest preacher opportunities, which can be a prelude to the seminars. He is also available as supervisor/mentor to clergy.

Other Electronic Resources Available Free of Charge:

Engagement 21: electronic version of Richard’s 2010 publication as a theological basis and strategic planning strategy for local church engagement with community needs.

Mission Perth:  an excellent Perth diocesan resource for analysis of local community needs in order to assist local church engagement.

Hearts and Minds: Reflections on Spirituality, Faith and Ethics: Bishop Richard’s 2008 collation of 30 wide-ranging sermons and articles, each with questions for group discussion.

Seminar Costs: Contribution to lowest price travel costs and/or modest koha appreciated.

Contact:  Bishop Richard Randerson, Tel 04 976 6050; email: