International 24/7 prayer movement comes to our diocese

International 24/7 prayer movement comes to our diocese

This year during Thy Kingdom Come, our Prayer Ambulance has joined the international movement known as 24/7 Prayer.  The ambulance, and the Cathedral, are among a number of churches throughout our diocese embracing the growing international movement to take turns at praying consistently throughout the day and night, seven days a week, non-stop.

The co-ordinator of the Prayer Ambulance ministry, Richard Apperley, tells us that his vision for a mobile 24/7 prayer room on the highways and high streets of our diocese came about during last year’s Thy Kingdom Come.  “At the Cathedral, we did overnight prayer and it was really powerful.  It was quite profound for us,” Richard says.  “You get a definite sense that God is moving.  This week, He has been speaking prophetically to me, and people who don’t know Jesus have been stopping by and having conversations about faith.”  For some visitors, Richard says, stepping over the threshold of a church is a scary concept, or one that feels unsafe.  However a neutral environment like the ambulance is one that allows people to have conversations about faith, and perhaps even begin their faith journey or re-ignite one from their past.

Internationally, the 24/7 Prayer movement was one that started quite by accident in 1999, but it has been going literally non-stop since then, in over half the countries of the world.  What was intended to be a prayer room in an old warehouse in the south of England turned into a viral, global movement.  A poem, written by Pete Greig and scribbled on the wall of the warehouse, made its way onto the internet and the rest is history.  You can read the poem and watch the film of the poem here.

And at a local level, we are seeing the profound power of prayer in so many ways throughout our diocese, and now, at every corner of the day and night.  Our Prayer Ambulance is a vital resource for our diocese to deepen our prayer, but to bring that depth to the streets and communities in our diocese and to invite people in to share in that depth.  To find out more about the Prayer Ambulance, go to  To find out how you can donate to the Prayer Ambulance ministry, click here.

If you’re keen to explore 24/7 prayer for your community or parish, there are heaps of resources and ideas on the 24/7 Prayer International website – click here.