Anglican Church Pension Board announces new name for KiwiSaver scheme

The Christian KiwiSaver Scheme (formerly called Koinonia KiwiSaver Scheme) is open to Christians of all denominations. It’s still the only KiwiSaver scheme specially designed for, and provided by, Christians, and it is run by the New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board.

The Board announced the name change recently, and says it was not a decision they took lightly.  They’ve been offering a KiwiSaver scheme successfully under the Koinonia brand since 2007, but were finding that the name didn’t quickly and easily say what the Scheme was about, and was difficult to spell, pronounce; making it harder to find.

“Ethical at heart” is the Scheme’s new tagline, and this goes well beyond having an ethical investment policy. They apply Christian values to the way they conduct their business and interact with members and others, and have always done it this way.

You can watch their new promotional video here:

The Pension Board’s office is at Anglican House, 32 Mulgrave Street, Thorndon, Wellington. They welcome visitors if you want to pop into their office, and talk to one of their staff face to face over a cup of tea.