St Hilda’s prepares for Thy Kingdom Come

St Hilda’s prepares for Thy Kingdom Come

By: Glenis Bisset, St Hilda’s Church, Upper Hutt

At St Hilda’s Upper Hutt, we are utilising ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ resources for two services on May the 13th.  The Prayer Stations that I am doing from the website will be the message for our traditional service. In this time, people will be encouraged to move around the stations to pray, think more deeply about each part of The Lord’s Prayer, and generally spend time with God. During Messy Church, the stations will still be available for people to move around at their leisure for the same things.

I have found the website very helpful with ideas, resources, & various media to make it easy for Individuals, churches, & Families to join the Thy Kingdom Come World Prayer Movement 10 – 20 May. There are so many FREE resources, I simply could not choose all of them!

As a church, we are including the activity of ‘Pray for Five’ at all of our services. Pray for Five is one way to pray for people you know to become believers. The activity we are doing is to tie five knots in a piece of string (or similar). Each knot represents a person you will pray for. We did this activity at Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp – all ages, all stages! It is very helpful to not only pray for those people, but to remind you to pray as I have discovered!

One resource I have found particularly useful, are these prayer stations. They are so user friendly! Each station has items that everyone has – either at church or at home.  Another resource is the song created for this year’s event – Your Kingdom Come sung by Pete James, and available to download from the Thy Kingdom Come Vimeo channel. With a little bit of knowledge, you can make it a PowerPoint and play continuously during a reflective time. I can help you with that if you would like!

Each person at the services will have a prayer station guide that has the instructions for each of the stations.

Hopefully, this will encourage you to get involved with the Thy Kingdom Come Global Prayer Movement this year, after all, the more prayer the better!

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