Could you spare your old magazines for seafarers?

The Mission to Seafarers wants your lightly used magazines! Magazines are one of the items the Mission to Seafarers’ ship visitors take with them when they go on board ships, along with beanies, Bibles, and the occasional Filipino or Chinese newspaper. These items are an easy way for the ship visitors to start conversations and establish relationships with the seafarers that come into Wellington, and hopefully they make life a little better for them while they’re at sea. Limited access to internet on board ships and long voyages at sea means reading materials (especially magazines) are very desirable among seafarers. If you have any used magazines you’d like to donate to the Mission to Seafarers, please send them to:

Zach Jeffers
Mission to Seafarers
C/- Anglican Diocese of Wellington
PO Box 12046
Wellington 6144.