St Luke’s Wadestown to host euthanasia seminar

As the End of Life Choice Bill is undergoes its Select Committee process in Parliament, the Parish of Wadestown is to host a seminar entitled “Check Out: Exploring the End fo Life Choice Bill.”  The seminar will be a 50:50 mix of participant activity and presenter input, and will be facilitated by Lynne Bowyer, PhD; and Deborah Stephens, PhD.

Lynne and Deborah are founding trustees and co-directors of The Centre for Science and Citizenship.  The CSC is a charitable trust that works throughout New Zealand to promote thoughtful consideration of developing technologies and their impacts on our community.

Lynne has presented and written on a number of issues that impact on people’s lives, including: dementia; addiction; suicide; artificial intelligence; environmental ethics; approaches to mental health; and the problems with ‘evidence-based’ medicine.  Deborah’s interdisciplinary background in science, psychology, public medicine and education reflects her interest in the impact of contemporary culture on citizens’ values development, decision making, behaviour and wellbeing. 

The workshop will cover a grounded understanding of euthanasia, what end of life care options exist now, what the bill proposes and the issues with this, and the media’s focus on cases such as that of Lecretia Seales, and the arguments such coverage raises.  Supper will be served at the end of the seminar.

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