Dr Raymond Pelly offers lecture on WWII firebombing ethics

Dr Raymond Pelly, one of our own priests, will give a lecture on the ethical culpability of the WWII bombing of German cities by the US Air Force, hosted by the Goethe Institut and chaired by Stephen Harris.  Here’s Raymond’s short description of the lecture:

Two convergent critiques of the Bomber Command (& USAF) policy of indiscriminate firebombing of civilian populations: The never-published post-war report, “The results of the strategic air war 1939-1945”, by Professor S. Zuckerman, F.R.S, and researched by the British Bombing Surveys Unit, commanded by my late father, (then) Air Commodore C.B.R. Pelly; and the wartime ethical critique of Bishop George Bell, Bishop of Chichester & friend of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Together, they establish the ethical culpability & the strategic futility of the firebombing of 70 German cities.

The lecture will be held at Goethe Institut Haus in Wellington on the 5th of May.  For full details see the Goethe Institut website.