Abrahamic Council seeks financial support

A request from the Wellington Abrahamic Council:

As you know the Wellington Council of Jews, Christians, and Muslims promotes dialogue between the three Abrahamic faiths in a common effort to overcome the evils of prejudice, intolerance and discrimination between people of different of religions and ethnicities.

From our communications you will know that last year the Council organized several public events, meetings in which the issues of ecology and the role of women in our three faith traditions were explored, as well as a meeting led by the Palestinian peace campaigner Sami Awad. The Council sponsored a series of informal evening meetings in members’ homes which participants shared our understanding of scriptures, and we also contributed to other events such as Islam Awareness week.

To meet the costs associated with these activities the Council is funded solely by koha from supporters at our meetings. In order to help us continue our work we are seeking a contribution from our supporters for our programme this year. This will include several public meetings, an interfaith Meditation day and a further series of open evening shared scripture meetings.

The Council is staffed by volunteers, and no-one is paid a salary. 100% of the money we raise goes to covering expenses.

We would really appreciate your financial support, if you are willing and able. We have set up a Givealittle page to take contributions. Please give anything you like; we suggest a donation of $20 if you are employed, and $5 if you are not. It all helps.

As we are a registered charity, all donations are subject to a tax rebate – you can get 33% of your donation back when you file your taxes.  You’ll receive a receipt immediately when you donate through the Givealittle page.

We really appreciate your continued support, whether or not you choose to donate.