Resurrection speaks volumes to Easter Camp attendee

Following on from last week’s testimony from Levin Parish teenager Hannah Martin, this week we hear from another member of the Levin youth group, Miah Marsters-Sasa, aged 16.

The resurrected king is resurrecting me

Resurrect: to raise from the dead, restore, bring back to life, revive

Our youth group recently went to Easter Camp in Feilding, where the theme of the camp was “Story.”  We had many different speakers talk about their own encounters with God and how their faith in God had influenced their stories.  These stories shared, had inspired me to share my story with you all.

Before college I had gone to a Catholic primary school where we prayed for two hours every morning, had religious education studies right after and had a two hour-long mass which was held once a week.  I guess you could say that my school was pretty holy!

But once I started college, I started losing God. Instead of praying for two hours every morning, this time instead was used to study for exams and internals. I went from knowing God to completely disregarding Him.

I’m in year 12 now, also known as 6th Form.  Before Easter Camp, I had been feeling very iffy about God even though I went to a Catholic school and have been raised by a Christian family.

But at Easter Camp, as we all gathered together and worshipped to the song Open Heaven / River WildI just stood there and cried amongst a crowd of 3000 people and listened to the words of this song, which spoke: “the resurrected king is resurrecting me.”

When I walked back to my tent that night, I actually Googled the definition of “resurrect” and it came up with “to raise from the dead, restore, bring back to life and to revive.  Thinking back to when that song was playing, in that moment the Lord had resurrected me and revived my faith in him. After four years of feeling so distant and out of touch with God, I had finally found Him through this song and He had resurrected me.