Mobile prayer room gets closer to reality

Mobile prayer room gets closer to reality

Here’s a sneak preview of a significant new initiative we’re working on – and it’s something we need your input on.  We’ve procured a second-hand ambulance, and we’ve got a bold vision to turn it into a mobile prayer room for the whole diocese.  Soon, we’ll launch a fundraising campaign to get it kitted out and to cover costs, and we’ll ask you for your ideas on how to make it the best prayer ambulance anyone’s ever seen.  But first, and most importantly, the prayer ambulance needs your prayer!

We believe this is a significant initiative, one that will achieve breakthrough in our mission to spread the Good News.  It will allow us to be the body of Christ in the public square – literally – in a fresh way.  Such a strong advance for God will undoubtedly require bold support in prayer and intercession, and here’s where you come in.

Would you please pray in your groups, families and communities that many people will come to know Christ and be blessed through this initiative?  Would you also prayerfully consider how you can financially contribute to the costs of the ambulance?  We’ll let you know in due course the details of how to give.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Photo credit: artist’s impression, © Joe McMenamin