Bishops’ Diaries for April 2018

Please uphold the ministries of Bishop Justin and Bishop Ellie in your daily prayers.  In 2018 both Bishops will continue to take Mondays as their Sabbath day.

Along with the day to day meetings in the Bishops’ Office, the Bishops will attend the following events in April:

Sunday 1 April

Central Easter Camp (+Justin)

Wellington Cathedral of St Paul (+Ellie)

Wednesday 4 April

Victoria University Chaplaincy Retreat (+Ellie)

Wanganui Collegiate School visit (+Justin)

Palmerston North Post Ordination Training meeting (+Justin)

Thursday 5 April

Archdeacons’ Meeting

Palmerston North Cluster Meeting (+Justin)

Friday 6 April

Masterton Cluster Meeting (+Justin)

South Wairarapa Cluster Meeting (+Justin)

Urban Vision Wellington Cluster meeting  (+Justin)

Bishops’ Community Development Trust meeting (+Justin)

Saturday 7 April

Upoko Hui (+Ellie)

Inter Diocesan Council Meeting (+Justin)

Sunday 8 April

Strathmore Community Church / Peninsula Parish Covenant Service (+Justin)

Tuesday 10 April

Senior Leaders Meeting

Board of Development Meeting (+Justin)

Wellington Cluster meeting (+Ellie)

Wednesday 10 April

Victoria University Chaplaincy (+Ellie)

Youth Leadership Team meeting (+Justin)

Diocesan Council

Board of Nominations

Thursday 11 April

Samuel Marsden Karori School Visit (+Ellie)

Northern Cluster Meeting (+Justin)

Whanganui Cluster Meeting (+Justin)

Friday 12 April

Urban Vision Leadership Meeting (+Justin)

Sunday 15th – Tuesday 17th April

Ministry Leaders Family Camp at Ratana

UV Leaders Meeting (+Justin)