Latest Christian books and DVDs from Wellington City Libraries

Here are the latest Christian books from Wellington City Libraries:

The art of Lent: a painting a day from Ash Wednesday to Easter by Sister Wendy Beckett

A history of the church in 100 objects by Mike Aquilina with Grace Aquilina

A nun’s story: the deeply moving true story of giving up a life of love and luxury in a single irresistible moment by Sister Agatha, with Richard Newman

Paul: an Apostle’s journey by Douglas A. Campbell

Protestants: the faith that made the modern world by Alec Ryrie

Shepherd of another flock: the charming tale of a new vicar in a Yorkshire country town by David Wilbourne

Sunday best: how the church shaped New Zealand and New Zealand shaped the church by Peter Lineham

This dangerous book: how the Bible has shaped our world and why it still matters today by Steve and Jackie Green, with Bill High

Uncomfortable: the awkward and essential challenge of Christian community by Brett McCracken

Also this DVD:

All Saints; a film by Steve Gomer, based on the inspiring true story of salesman turned pastor Michael Spurlock, the tiny church he was ordered to shut down, and a group of refugees from Southeast Asia.