Urgent call to prayer following PNG quake

Urgent call to prayer following PNG quake

An urgent call to prayer has been sent by Archbishop Philip and Archbishop Winston to all bishops in the Province, following the recent destructive 7.6 earthquake in Papua New Guinea.  The message from the archbishops is as follows:

Dear colleagues,

You will be aware that a 7.6 earthquake has hit Papua New Guinea’s Southern Highlands, and more than 30 people are believed to have been killed.

Map via RNZ

Radio New Zealand is reporting that more than 300 people injured, and that the earthquake has caused widespread destruction.

While we are still waiting for details and advice as to how we might best respond, we would ask that Anglicans around this Province hold the people of PNG in prayer.

Our Missions Board team are helping with the assessment and will contribute to a co-ordinated response as appropriate. Please watch out for this advice.

Bishop Andrew Hedge, who has continued to develop a strong relationship between the Anglican Church of PNG and the Diocese of Waiapu, offers the following prayer for our use:

God of all creation,
We lift up before you the nation of Papua New Guinea
and especially the people of the Highlands Province
as they recover from earthquakes and landslides.
We mourn with them for those who have died,
we pray for the healing of those who are injured,
for strength and courage for all those
who work to provide safe shelter, to bring aid and recovery.
We pray for Bishop Nathan, Archbishop Allan
and all who provide leadership to these communities in this time of need.
May your strength, wisdom and hope rest upon
them and all they serve.
We pray for the whole Anglican Church of PNG,
for the people of Mendi and the communities throughout the Highlands,
that they may know the presence of your compassionate
and life-giving spirit, that they may work together
for the good of all people.
Through Christ our Lord we pray,


Archbishop Philip Richardson
Archbishop Winston Halapua

Featured photo: Andrew Solomon / courtesy RNZ