100,000 Kiwi kids to hear about Jesus this Easter

100,000 Kiwi kids to hear about Jesus this Easter

This Easter, Bible Society New Zealand is giving away 100,000 copies of The Super Cool Story of Jesus to children nationwide.

“This is a huge opportunity – one that could have a remarkable impact on thousands of Kiwi children in 2018. It is the chance to get the story of Jesus into the hands of children who may never have heard this story before,” said the Bible Society Programme Director, Stephen Opie.

The Super Cool Story of Jesus is a creative little child-friendly book. It tells the story of Jesus’s life, including the Easter events, in playful, rhyming language with fun pictures.

Award-winning children’s author Joy Cowley says the illustrations in the book are “stunning.” She goes on to say,”It’s such a pleasure to see the story of Christ Jesus in a multi-cultural context, beautifully designed. These illustrations will appeal to children, enhancing a message of love and light.”

“We hope that by getting a copy of The Super Cool Story of Jesus into children’s hands this Easter it will ignite a curiosity about Jesus, sparking further questions and leading them to the Bible. Imagine the difference this could make in their lives,” said Stephen Opie.

“We pray this resource will help Kiwi children understand the true meaning of Easter and that parents, families and friends will engage with passing it on to the next generation,”he added.

Parenting expert, co-founder of the Parenting Place and also founder of Faith4Families, Mary Grant says, “Of all the ways we care for our children, it could be said that, for Christian parents, passing on our faith is the most important.

“We are the ones who can pass on the wonderful Jesus story and the truth about the God who ‘does stuff’. Not just by living it but by talking about it at every opportunity, and when our children are most receptive.”

Bible Society New Zealand will also be working closely with partner organisations to get free copies of The Super Cool Story of Jesus to families, with a special focus on reaching families in less favourable circumstances.

To order your free copy of the Super Cool Story of Jesus book go to www.biblesociety.org.nz/supercool. You can also contribute to the cost of producing these books on the website.

The book is available both free to individuals or in bulk orders to churches for their Easter activities, and will be available from the end of February.  Meanwhile, here’s the animated version: