Zero Carbon Act tour to travel right through our diocese

Zero Carbon Act tour to travel right through our diocese

Last year our Diocese endorsed the campaign for a Zero Carbon Act – a new law to keep New Zealand on track to reduce our carbon emissions.

Towards the end of February, a group of cyclists will support the campaign by biking from Auckland to Wellington, arriving at Parliament on the 1st of March to publicise the campaign.  The tour travels right through our diocese, down the banks of the Whanganui River with stops at Whakahoro and Pipiriki, before arriving in Whanganui on the 26th of February.

You can join the bike ride at any time, or you can show your support by joining them at their stop overs – wear orange if you can, and why not show some generous Anglican Diocese of Wellington hospitality to them along the way?  If you’re in Wellington or the Hutt, you can join the final leg of the journey from:

  • Lower Hutt (Pomare Station) at 9:50am, for a 1.5 hour bike ride.
  • Thorndon (IRide Bike Store, 242 Thorndon Quay) at 11:50am, for a 10minute bike ride.
  • OR you can meet at Parliament lawns at 12:15pm to welcome the cyclists home! Wear orange to show your support.

Find out more by heading to the Zero Carbon Act campaign website.  You can also visit their Facebook event.