Serving our refugee communities in 2018

Serving our refugee communities in 2018

2018 is the start of our third year of helping refugees to settle into new homes and it must seem like a never ending request for household goods for homes.  While it’s true that there is a long stream of people needing our support and help, there are many ways that you can be part of the team that brings that help.

This year’s first intake of former refugees in the Wellington region is from the 25th of February until the 1st of March.  During that time, household goods collected throughout the diocese are brought to Wellington Cathedral of St Paul where they are sorted into household lots, volunteers are trained, and then the items are dispatched with volunteers to be set up in a government-provided house.  However you choose to help, it’s a rewarding experience – you can find out all the details and read stories of those who have done it before at

This year, if your parish would like to collect items but can’t quite handle a full household, why not band together with other parishes in your cluster or archdeaconry, or a local school?  It could also be a good idea to tap into networks of workmates and other interest groups that you are a part of, which may help to make life that bit easier for the former refugee families coming to our region.

If you’d like to help, or need advice on how to help, check out or contact Patricia Cooper on

Photo: Cathedral parish member Rebecca Apperley helps to sort household items in the Cathedral’s Loaves and Fishes Hall, and is holding up a quilt made by her mum specifically for a former refugee family.