Bishops’ Diaries for January and February 2018

Please uphold the ministries of Bishop Justin and Bishop Eleanor in your daily prayers. In 2018 both Bishops will continue to take Mondays as their Sabbath day.  Please pray this month in particular for Bishop Eleanor as she attends Bishops’ School at Canterbury Cathedral from 2-12 February; and for Bishop Justin, Jenny and their new household being formed in Whanganui.

Along with the day to day meetings in the Bishops’ Office, the Bishops will attend the following events in January and February:

Thursday 18 to Monday 22 January

New Wine (Kapiti)

Monday 22 January

Ratana visit

Sunday 28 and Monday 29 January

Urban Vision leadership meeting

Tuesday 30 January

Senior Leaders’ Meeting

Installation of Reverend Digby Wilkinson as Vicar of Tawa-Linden

Wednesday 31 January

Diocesan Council

Board of Nominations

Thursday 1 February

Archdeacons’ Meeting

Board of Trustees

Saturday 3 February

Installation of Reverend Tim Duxfield as Priest in Charge of the Parish of the Rangitikei

Sunday 4 February

Installation of Reverend Tim McKenzie and Mel McKenzie as Vicar and Parish Leader at the Parish of Kelburn

Sunday 4 to Friday 9 February

Moving week to Whanganui

Saturday 10 February

Key Leaders’ Retreat

Urban Vision Dedication

Monday 12 February

Bishop Eleanor returns

Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 February

Bishops’ Retreat

Thursday 15 February

Archdeacons’ Huddle

Ministry Conference Family Camp planning

Senior Leaders’ Retreat

Tuesday 20 February

Lower Hutt Cluster meeting (+Eleanor)

Senior Leaders’ Meeting

Wednesday 21 February

Wellington City Mission Board Meeting

Thursday 22 February

Archdeacons’ meeting

Friday 23 February

Wairarapa Cluster meeting (+Justin)

Saturday 24 February

Messy Church gathering

Blueprint Chapter gathering (+Eleanor)

Sunday 25 February

The Games

Feilding High School visit (+Justin)

Tuesday 27 February

Senior Leaders’ Meeting

Diocesan Leadership Team

Wednesday 28 February

Youth Enablers Cluster meeting (+Justin)

Diocesan Council

Board of Nomination