Bishops’ Diaries: December 2017 and January 2018

Please uphold the ministries of Bishop Justin and Bishop Eleanor in your daily prayers.

Bishop Justin and Jenny return to the Diocese on Christmas Eve. Please pray for a smooth transition for them back into Diocesan life and for their move to the north of the Diocese at the end of January/start of February. Please also pray for Bishop Eleanor as she and her family leave for the UK on 19th December for Christmas with her family, and leading in to +Eleanor’s attendance at Bishop’s School at Canterbury Cathedral in February. She returns to Wellington on Monday 12 February.

In 2018, both Bishops will continue to have Mondays as their Sabbath day.

Along with the day to day meetings in the Bishops’ Office, the Bishops will attend the following events in December and January:

Wednesday 13 December

Wellington City Mission Trust Board

Thursday 14 December

Ratana site visit (as potential Ministry Conference venue in 2018)

Friday 15 December

Masterton Cluster meeting

South Wairarapa Cluster meeting

Tuesday 19 December

Bishop Ellie and family fly out to UK

Thursday 18th-Monday 22nd January

New Wine (Kapiti)

Sunday 28th-Monday 29th January

Urban Vision leadership meeting

Tuesday 30 January

Installation of Digby Wilkinson as Vicar of Tawa-Linden