Top Tip #2: Finding what you need on Movement any time

Top Tip #2: Finding what you need on Movement any time

Some of you have told us that you struggle to find information on Movement, and you resort to searching through your previous editions of Movement by Mail.  Here’s a tip to help you find what you need – anytime.

If you’ve just clicked the blue, underlined text in your weekly Movement email, then you’ve just used a hyperlink.  A hyperlink allows you to click through to a specific page on a website.  Here’s how that works for Movement:

  • All of our articles and notices get posted on a website called Movement Online (that’s where you are now).
  • Every week, we summarise what’s been added, and highlight some stories of interest from around the diocese in the weekly “Movement by Mail” email.  The email is not the full story – it’s just a digest, and when we write “read more” or “click here” or similar, we’re offering you a hyperlink through to a specific page on the Movement website.

You can visit this website whenever you want – you don’t have to search through your emails.  Just type into your internet browser and you will come to the front page of Movement Online.  Once you’re there, you can save it as a bookmark for ease of access later on.

Next week, we’ll give you some tips for finding your way around the site.  But if you’re ready to have a look around, scroll to the top of this page and in the blue menu under the Movement logo, click “Home.”  Have a wee browse and let us know what you think.