Diocesan Council: October Meeting Summary

Diocesan Council met on Wednesday 25 October, the first meeting following Synod.  Bishop Eleanor chaired the meeting in place of Bishop Justin, who is on sabbatical.  We welcomed new member Reverend Canon Sue Fordyce to the Council.  Reverend Pete Watson sent apologies, so will be welcomed aboard at the next meeting.

Council spent time reviewing the feedback from Synod, answering questions of what we heard from our people, our leaders and God.  Council acknowledged the sense of community growing within Synod, reflective of the growing sense of family within the Diocese.   We discussed the issues that had caused concern, and wondered whether concerns were a matter of culture shift, as we learn to trust each other more to make right decisions.  We also discussed the generational age gaps and the issues raised by this in Synod.  We celebrated the sense of God’s presence in the healing service, and the way that impacted the sense of togetherness and openness to God and one another.

Council noted that the changes in the Diocesan Governance Canon are being worked into a document for parishes and vestries, to help reference and adopt the changes in time for AGMs next year.

Nick Young reported progress on the development of a support system to enable health and safety recording more easily, and updated Council on the work developing an asbestos identification programme.   Terms of reference for a Risk & Assurance Committee were presented for Council’s consideration, with the intention that this will enable the Diocese to respond to increased risk and compliance issues.

Council approved the appointment of people to the following Diocesan bodies: Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee, Clergy Welfare Committee, Finance Committee, Riverslea Trust Board, Social Services and Community Development Board and Victoria University Chaplaincy Committee.  Council is grateful for the work of the Nominations Panel on identifying people to serve in these roles.

Michael Webster, a member of Council, has also been appointed as HR Advisor for the Diocese.  In their capacity as the Diocesan Trusts Board, Council agreed to an appointment to the Wellington City Mission (Anglican) Trust Board.  Some decisions on appointments both as Trust Board and as Diocesan Council were deferred to enable further information to be obtained.