3DM Learning Community gathers in Wellington

3DM is committed to make disciples of Christ within their everyday, contemporary rhythms of life. The Diocese is hosting New Zealand’s first 3DM Learning Community.  The first gathering was held last week at St. Mary’s Church in Karori. A team of experienced 3DM leaders from Europe and Australia will journey alongside Kiwis who are exploring new frameworks that give expression to the Church’s ancient practices of discipleship to empower mission.

For three days, clergy and lay leaders were immersed in this hands-on training. These same individuals will meet three more times for training—once every 6 months, for the next two years. In the meantime, the learning community participants will put what they have learned into practice. They will go on regular retreats, receive weekly coaching from experienced practitioners, and create long-term plans for their unique contexts.

Wellington Anglicans are not the only ones to benefit from 3DM. This is a gift to the wider Church in New Zealand. Anglicans from Nelson and Christchurch, Presbyterians from around NZ, and congregations from other Christian traditions are all part of this community.

Rev. Tim Bustin (Waikanae), Rev. John Hughes (Karori), and Rev. Dr. Eleanor Sanderson (Eastbourne), alongside Amy Page-Whiting— Senior Pastor of Cashmere New Life Church, arranged and readied the way for the Learning Community. Their commitment, including participation in the Melbourne Learning Community, has been essential to making the Wellington Learning Community happen. While they are each motivated by renewal through discipleship in their own parishes, Tim, John and Ellie are also excited by the potential for 3DM as source of renewal for the Diocese and the wider Church in New Zealand.  Rich Robinson and his team from 3DM Europe have been gracious, encouraging, and flexible through the many months of work to get to this point.

Andrew Spence, the Youth Ministry Development Worker for the Hutt Valley, said of his experience, “Knowing all the prep that’s gone into this—it was a great start for the journey.”