Next intake of former refugees arrive in December

Next intake of former refugees arrive in December

This December will be the final refugee intake into Wellington for 2017 and also the second year our diocese has been involved with the project.

For those of you who have experienced the warm fuzzy feeling you get from making a difference in someone’s life, there is one last chance to do that this year.

The Diocesan Refugee Resettlement Co-ordinator, Patricia Cooper, is seeking teams to do house setups in early December. Red Cross training is done on the evening of Tuesday the 5th of December at 6pm at Connelly Hall, at the Catholic Centre on Hill Street.  This takes about an hour.  Once you have done the training you don’t need to do it again.

After the training, all trainees go down to the Loaves and Fishes at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul to collect the household items for the house you will set up on Thursday the 7th of December. We ask that you hold the items until that evening, so you don’t have to come back into town again.

If you are interested in doing a house setup please contact Patricia at

Thank you for your support.