Slipping the Moorings: Study Guide for Parishes Now Available

Slipping the Moorings: Study Guide for Parishes Now Available

In response to Parish requests, the free study guide below for Slipping the Moorings has been produced, and may be freely copied and circulated for study and discussion.

Slipping the Moorings Study Guide

It is formatted so as to be able to be printed as a booklet: select “booklet” and “staple” if your copier does this.

Details of discounted group purchase options for the book appear on page 1, along with contacts for Bishop Richard Randerson. Copies of the book will be available at the upcoming Diocesan Synod, and are also available at the Anglican Centre. Group orders are only available direct, as per page 1 of the Study Guide.

Bishop Richard is also available to speak, preach or lead seminars on topics arising from Slipping the Moorings.

Books available from the Anglican Centre or telephone 04 472 1057

$30.00 plus P&P, $25.00 plus P&P for three to six copies or $19.50 plus P&P for seven or more copies

Reviewers’ Comments:

Virtually in one reading I’ve devoured your wonderful memoir.  It is, in my judgement, far too important a piece of prophetic writing only to be read in Australasia – Canon Paul Oestreicher, UK

Helping the church turn its focus outward from self-concern to where people live their lives is Richard’s story and theme.  It is a story of compassion and courage, told with loyalty and gratitude to his associates, honesty and good humour and some great anecdotes …  This book is the work of a skilled and dedicated pastor who takes both the Gospel and social analysis very seriously – Bishop Peter Cullinane, in Tui Motu

If faith is too ecclesial it becomes a moored faith.  A jetty is a point of departure, not a permanent resting place.  Faith that lives the truth of the Gospel must be big enough to engage with the life of the world which, after all, is the object of Christ’s love …  The way in which Bishop Richard goes about living this faith-solidarity is deeply moving – Dr Graeme Garrett, Anglican Theologian in The Melbourne Anglican

Study Guide and Group Purchase Option for Discussion Groups:

Parishes are developing study groups around key topics such as poverty and justice, ethics in public life, same-sex relationships, Dawkins, Geering and God, and how the church can engage with society.  A simple study guide with questions for discussion starters will be available free by mid-August.  A group price for the books is available at $19.50 plus P&P for seven or more copies.

Why People are Reading Slipping the Moorings:

  • as a back story of significant changes in New Zealand church and society over the last 50 years
  • to broaden the vocational horizon of priesthood, lay ministry and the church’s mission
  • as a good read that links story with contemporary challenge
  • for church bookstalls, and gifts for friends and family