Superb resources available for Lent

Superb resources available for Lent

This year’s Lent devotional, A Sent People, is once again a stunning resource to guide small groups through six weeks of study and discussion.  Along with the detailed adult group studies, the resource contains weekly movie recommendations with discussion questions to provide another angle on this year’s theme of “being sent.”  The inter-generational studies are great for families to do together, and contain their own movie recommendations that the kids will love.

Video sermons available for each week of Lent

And new to this year, we’ll be releasing five video sermons from speakers throughout the diocese which can be used on Sundays or throughout the week as an alternative resource.  Each sermon will mirror the topic of reflection in the Lent devotional, with these topics being covered:

To ensure you have plenty of devotionals for everyone, please place your order now with Karen at the Anglican Centre by emailing, or phoning her on 04 472 1057.  The booklets are $5 each, and the video sermons will be made freely available for streaming or download.

Family studies from Strandz

This year’s Strandz Lent study has been designed to sit alongside our own Lent devotional.  You can access an online version of it on the Strandz website here.

To promote the resource in your church, you can download this slide (.jpg).