Team Training Day an opportunity to refresh and restore

Team Training Day an opportunity to refresh and restore

Over 250 people gathered from across the diocese in Palmerston North on Saturday for another fantastic day of learning and sharing, at the diocese’s second Team Training Day for the year.  Twenty-four workshops were offered, on topics as diverse as climate change, pastoral care, diocesan culture, Advent, family life, evangelism for under 35s, trusting Jesus when we’re in over our heads, multiculturalism and diversity in the church, and the essential elements of effective teams – and more.  We even had our first Team Training Day field trip, with a small group heading off-site to see the work of All Saints’ Palmerston North’s Green Task Force, which planted enough trees to offset their return pilgrimage trip to Europe.

Bishop Eleanor opened the Team Training Day by reminding us that not only are we sent generationally as the Israelites were, to teach our descendants the ways of God, but we are sent geographically because of the gift of Christ: to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  Even as we may go to places where we don’t belong, Bishop Eleanor said, we go with God’s presence.  She gave us three questions to ponder as we entered into our workshops:

  1. Who are you sent to?  When we know who we are sent to, we have more clarity around our call, and we can pray and organise life more specifically.
  2. Who are you called with?  We can’t do this mission on our own, we must work together as the disciples did, when Jesus sent them out in couples or groups.
  3. Who are you sent for?  As people with whole hearts, we seek after the whole heart of God – and as we become lights in dark places, so do the dark places within ourselves become enlightened by the resurrection power of Jesus.

The atmosphere at Team Training Day was enthusiastic and collegial, and it was exciting to see so many people gather as one family to refresh and restore our knowledge as we minister together.

Our Team Training Days for 2018 are on the 23rd of June and 8th of September.  If you serve in any team within the diocese, or you lead a team, then lock those dates in now so you don’t miss out.