Anglican Centre to undergo construction work

If you’re a visitor to the Anglican Centre in Wellington, you’ll start to notice some changes.  We’re undergoing some construction work to make the building a more functional and user-friendly space, and preparation for the construction has already begun.

As part of the project, all of our meeting spaces will be brought down to the ground floor.  This will make it easier for visitors with limited mobility to attend meetings, without having to scale the large staircase to the first or second floors.  It also offers the opportunity to open up the kitchen to create a warm and inviting space from which we can offer hospitality to visitors.

The other major component of the project is to reorganise the office spaces in the building.  As a result, all Mission and Ministry staff will be located on the first floor, allowing for greater collaboration amongst this team.  Property, Finance and administration functions will remain on the ground floor.

During construction, please take note of the following changes which will affect how we use the building:

  • There are reduced carparks, to allow construction workers to access the building.  Please consider public transport or be ready to park off-site if necessary.
  • There is now only one meeting space – the board room – in the building.  The WIT Library is now closed as a meeting space.  Please ensure that you book your meetings with Karen on to ensure you can access the space, and if your plans change, please advise Karen so she can make the room available to others.
  • Please observe signs advising spaces where entrance is prohibited, and be aware of increased noise, mess and dust.

The last time the building underwent any major work was about 20 years ago, when the current reception area and front office were created.  Other than that, it is believed the building has remained largely unchanged since the diocese purchased it in the 1950s or 1960s.  If you know of any stories relating to the building or the property, we’d love to hear them!  Email Duncan on