Christian meditation events to be offered in Island Bay

Christian Meditation Weekend

Have you been meditating for more than a year? Do you feel that you would like to grow in your understanding of your meditation practice?  The New Zealand Community for Christian Meditation is to run an “Essential Teaching Weekend” to explore the history of meditation in the Christian tradition and help you arrive at a deeper insight into what the experience of this practice means to you personally, and to see ways in which this experience can be shared with others.

Many meditators attend the “Essential Teaching Weekend” more than once, because it is always slightly different and the experience of learning together and of spiritual friendship is so strengthening.

The style of the weekend is relaxed and informative. The Home of Compassion in Wellington’s Island Bay offers single rooms with shared bathrooms. We will celebrate a contemplative Eucharist on Sunday afternoon.

Cost: $290. Please let NZCCM know if the cost is a barrier for you. Some financial assistance will be available.

To find out more and / or apply, email Linda at or phone 04 4797955 or 020 4797955.

Christian Meditation Day of Reflection

In addition, NZCCM is also running a meditation day of reflection on Saturday the 4th of November, also at the Home of Compassion.  Participants are asked to arrive by 9:30am for a 10am start, and departure will be at 3pm.  Father Alan Roberts will lead the reflections, and he offers the following focus: “Our deepest desire is not something we create; it is something we discover” (Gerard Hughes).

The proposal is that participants will reflect on their desire for God. The group will trace its history at various stages of life and discover how God, who planted the desire within us, has co-operated to fulfill it.


There is ample parking. The Island Bay bus stops are close to the Home of Compassion in both directions along Adelaide Road. Please let Elspeth Preddey know of any difficulties: she may be able to help by putting people in touch who are coming from the same area.

Participants are asked to bring warm, comfortable clothing for times of meditation; and footwear suitable for reflective strolling around the grounds whatever the weather.  Please bring lunch (usually 12-1pm) for your own requirements, and something to share for morning and afternoon teas – a few items only: fruit, plain biscuits or savoury snacks.  A suggested koha of $10 is invited, to help cover costs of the Home of Compassion and for Wellington Community for Christian Meditation books, CDs, DVDs and papers.

We will keep silence as much as possible out of consideration to those who find talk distracting to their reflections.

For queries, please contact Elspeth Preddey – Wellington region co-ordinator for the New Zealand Community for Christian Meditation – on 04 472 3369 or 027 472 3369.