Synod News in Brief

Synod News in Brief

Greetings to Synod:

Bishop Justin read a series of greetings and well wishes to the Synod, from the following:

  • Archbishop Philip Richardson on behalf of the Primates
  • Bishop Andrew Hedge and the Diocese of Waiapu
  • Bishop Richard Ellena and the Diocese of Nelson
  • Bishop Ross Bay and the Diocese of Auckland
  • Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley and the Diocese of Waikato

And he welcomed Peter McKenzie, Executive Secretary of the Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.  It was also noted that an apology had been received from Pastor Rodger Russ, of the Manawatu Lutheran Parish.


Bishop Justin led Synod in a moment of remembrance for those who have passed since the last Synod gathering:

  • Rev Russell Gaskin
  • Rev Bob Peck
  • Rev Bob Sanders
  • Rev John Jay
  • Rev Nick Kirk
  • Rev Chris Tims
  • Brent Costley

Revising Committee:

A motion to appoint the Synod Revising Committee for the ensuing session of Synod was carried, with the following members:

  • Rev Canon Sue Fordyce
  • Bill Atkin
  • David McLay

Steering Committee:

A motion to appoint the Synod Steering Committee for the ensuing session of Synod was carried, with the following members:

  • The Bishop
  • The Diocesan Manager
  • Rev Cath Growcott
  • Lyn O’Fee

Diocesan Council:

A motion to appoint the following persons to the Diocesan Council for a period of two years was carried:

  • Rev Canon Sue Fordyce
  • Archdeacon Stuart Goodin
  • Rev Jennie Sim
  • Rev Pete Watson
  • Hilary Kendall
  • David McLay
  • Lyn O’Fee
  • Michael Webster
  • John Whitehead


The following people were elected to the Board of Nominations:

  • Clergy: Rev Canon Sue Fordyce and Archdeacon Wendy Scott
  • Laity: Ian Pawson and Roger Wigglesworth

The following people were elected to the Nominations Panel:

  • Clergy: Rev Chris Darnell and Rev Jill Woods
  • Laity: David Kendall, Alison Seifert and Pat Vincent

The following people were elected to General Synod:

  • Rev Tric Malcolm
  • Archdeacon Julie Rokotokala
  • Archdeacon Wendy Scott
  • Tony Hill
  • David Kendall
  • John Whitehead
  • Kaz Yung

Diocesan priorities for 2018:

Synod adopted the following priorities for 2018:

  • Child poverty: focus on housing;
  • Climate change: focus on reducing carbon emissions;
  • Caring for the last, the lost and the least: focus on being sent as an expression of our shared life as family,

And requested that they be a prime consideration in decisions relating to the resourcing and activity of the diocese for the following twelve months.

Synod Offertory:

The Synod offertory raised $1,278 for Anglican Missions.  Further to this, we are grateful for the $368 raised from the used book sale.

Long-standing member of Synod farewelled:

Synod bid farewell to Michael Chapman, who is retiring from his position of Synod Representative for the Parish of Northland Wilton.  Michael has served in this role for 21 years, amongst a long line of other roles in his parish, community and professional careers.  Michael was thanked for his long and dedicated service.