The Very Reverend Digby Wilkinson, Parish of Tawa-Linden

Bishop Justin, Bishop Eleanor and the Parish Nominators in the Parish of Tawa-Linden are delighted to announce the appointment of Digby as their new Vicar.  Digby will take up this role in the New Year.  Digby is currently Dean of the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul and has held this position since 2014.  His last service at the Cathedral for 2017 will be on Christmas Day.  Digby’s installation as the new Vicar in the Parish of Tawa-Linden will be held at St Christopher’s, Tawa at 7.00pm on Tuesday 30 January 2018.  All are invited to attend and clergy are to robe in alb and red stole.

Bishop Justin and Bishop Eleanor write:

We are so grateful to Digby and Jane Wilkinson for their ongoing discernment and faithfulness to God’s call to them, and for their commitment to our journey as a Diocese.  We rejoice with the people of Tawa at this appointment and give thanks to God for what we know it will mean for their commitment to be a transformative, local faith community.  God’s blessings are often a surprise and we think this is a surprise gift from God for the Tawa community.

The Tawa community will embrace Digby’s appointment (as their new vicar), but this news will also bring great grief in the Cathedral community where Digby has had a dynamic and fruitful ministry over the past four years.  We ask our Diocesan family to pray for our Cathedral community as they come before God asking for His best in this next season of our journey as a Diocese.

We give thanks again to Digby and Jane for their faithfulness to walk with Jesus.