Reverend Jonathan Peart, Parish of Kelburn

The Reverend Jonathan Peart has been appointed Priest Associate in the Parish of Kelburn and is working part time as Associate Minister to Students and Graduates.  Jonathan and his wife Rachael come with three lovely children: Lily, Harry, and Oliver who is currently growing at about an inch a week.

“We’ve really appreciated the warm welcome we’ve received from everyone here at Kelburn and are loving getting to know this great city.”

Jonathan graduated in architecture and practised for five years before entering fulltime ministry in 2004.

Rachael completed her doctorate in marine biology and is loving work at NIWA on crustaceans and looking forward to research expeditions to the sub Antarctic islands.

“We all love the ocean and upon arriving in Wellington jumped straight in, then jumped straight out and bought wetsuits for all the kids.  We’re now accomplished players of that Wellington Game ‘Was that an earthquake or strong Southerly gust?’ and enjoying the excellent cafe scene.”